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Early Vocal Music Map

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III. The Early Renaissance (1350-1500)

IIId. The Netherlanders to Ockeghem.

As the Middle Ages drew to a close, music was in a state of separatism, mannerism, and confusion. From this disorder Dunstable and Dufay forged a new International style that was to serve as a model for well over a century. Because virtually all the important composers writing in this style emanated from what is today central and southern Holland, Belgium, and the northeastern portion of France, they have commonly been labelled Franco-Flemish, and the century 1450-1550 is known as "the age of the Netherlanders." Most of these composers worked for the Emperor, the King of France, the Pope, or at one of the Italian courts (while Italy did not actually produce any major composers during this period, it did provide employment for some of the greatest).

The most significant composers of the generation after Dufay and Binchois were Antoine Busnois and Johannes Ockeghem . In many respects their careers paralleled those of their predecessors. Busnois, like Binchois, spent most of his career in the employ of the Burgundian court, and excelled in elegant and refined chansons, often to hedonistic texts of his own creation. But unquestionably the dominant musician of his era, and the successor to Dufay as master of the large-scale form, was Ockeghem.

Supplemental Materials

Composer┤s bibliography and music

Name and link to Whent┤s Bibliography Years Country # of PDF/Midi Discography MP3
Johannes [Jean] Ciconia c.1335 - 1411 Flanders/France . . .
Bartolomeo da Bologna fl. late 14th - early 15th C Italy . . .
Jacques Barbireau c. 1408 - 1491 Flanders/France cpdl=1 . .
Gilles Binchois c. 1400 - 1460 Flanders/France . Discography .
Johannes Brassart c. 1405 - ? Flanders/France . Discography .
Jehan de Villeroye [Briquet] fl. 1401 . . . .
Antoine Busnois ? - 1492 Flanders/France . Discography .
Johannes Carmen late 14th C - early 15th C Flanders/France . . .
Caron fl. late 15th century Flanders/France . . .
Johannes Cesaris fl. c. 1385 - c.1420 Flanders/France . . .
Guillaume Dufay c. 1400 - 1474 Flanders/France cpdl=13 Discography MP3
Guillaume [Vincent] Faugues fl. 15th century Flanders/France . Discography .
Pierre Fontaine 1390/95 - c.1450 Flanders/France . . .
Franchois de Gembloux fl. early 15th century Flanders/France . . .
Nicholas Grenon ? - 1456 Flanders/France . .Discography .
Estienne Grossin [Grossim] fl. 1418 - 1421 France . . .
Johannes de Limburgia fl. 1408 - 1430 Flanders/France . Discography .
Arnold de Lantins fl. c. 1428 - 1432 Flanders/France cpdl=1 Discography MP3
Hugo de Lantins fl. c. 1420 - 1420 Flanders/France . Discography .
François Lebertoul early 15th Century France . . .
Guillaume Legrant fl. 1419 - 1446 France . . .
Johannes Legrant early 15th century France . Discography .
Reginaldus Liebert (Libert) early 15th century Flanders/France . . .
Richard de Loqueville ? - before 1418 Flanders/France . . .
Johannes Martini ? - 1498 Flanders/France . . MP3
Johannes Ockeghem c.1425 - 1497 Flanders/France cpdl=12 Discography MP3
Jean Pullois (Pyllois) ? - 1478 Flanders/France . . .
Johannes de Sarto 15th century Flanders/France . . .
Jean Tapissier (alias Noyon) c. 1370 - 1410 Flanders/France . . .
Gilet Velut early 14th century Flanders/France . Discography .
Jacques Vide fl. 1410 - 1433 Flanders/France . . .

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