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-What is music?
-What is folk music?
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-Early Vocal Music Map
--Gregorian chant
--Central Middle Ages
--Early Renaissance
---The Florentine Group
---Wolkenstein to Locheimer
----Herman von Salzburg
----Oswald von Wolkenstein
---John Dunstable┤s time
---Netherlanders to Ockeghem
---The Meistersingers
---Chantilly and L'Ars Subtilior
---Frottolists with contemporaries
--High Renaissance
--The Italian Seicento (17th C)
--German Baroque Music (17th C)
--Western Europe 1650-1760
--The Italian Settecento (18th.C)
--The Works of J.S. Bach
--Georg Frederick Händel
--The German Preclassics (1700-1760)
-Sing ß la Renaissance.
-Early Music Examples
-Örjans folkmusik-exempel
-Arranging & Composing
-Renaissance musical learning
-Renaissance - moving emotions
-Early Music in Swedish Libraries
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Early Vocal Music Map

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III. The Early Renaissance (1350-1500)

IIIb. From Oswald von Wolkenstein to the Locheimer Liederbuch.

Oswald von Wolkenstein was one of the great epoch-making personalities in the history of German music. He was the artist, who, during his adventurous journeys at the beginning of the 15th century, studied contemporary European and particularly French music, the achievements of which he applied to German music. Within a century German musicians caught up with the rest, and at the beginning of the 16th century the works of the German composers can be called equal to those of their Dutch, Flemish, French and Italian colleagues.

The Composers Supplemental Materials

Composer┤s bibliography and music

Name and link to Whent┤s Bibliography Years Country # of PDF/Midi Discography MP3
Hermann, Monk of Salzburg fl.late 14th Cencury Germany . . MP3
Conrad Paumann 1410/15-1473 Germany . . .
Oswald von Wolkenstein 1377-1455 Germany . . MP3

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