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--TV kafé 18, 1989-12-13
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Umelodica - a vocal ensemble created and conducted 1984-1989 by Örjan Larsson

Music café December 2, 1989 in Ögonblicksteatern

Umelodica - conductor Örjan Larsson
Baskamraterna: Svante Lindroth bass-violin,
Jan Burman and Thomas Andersson violin -
Torbjörn Näsbom key-fiddle and violin -
Greger Ottosson mouth-organ and story telling
and Karin Larsson reading.
Presentation Hans-Erik Carlberg and Lena Tibell.

Umelodica files are public (MP3), but Baskamraterna (SL) and Karin Larsson (KL) files are password protected (PWD).

Songtitle Composer Language Duration Voices Choir MP3
Entire consert 1:57:54

SSAATTB, Saxophone, Bass-violin,
violins, key-fiddle, mouth-organ,
recorder, rythminstr.
SSAATTB, recorder, rythinstr.
SL, KL and Umelodica

Umelodica only

Jam session 14:22 Saxophon, guitar PWD
Introduction Kalevala Swedish 2:22 Hans-Erik and Lena MP3
La Tarde Sindo Garay arr. Electo Silva Spannish 3:12 SATB Umelodica MP3
Fallalan fallalalera Mateo Flecha Canc. De Upsala N:o 33 Spannish 1:03 SATB Umelodica MP3
Hunden Ego Lars-Erik Larsson lyr Friedrich Nietsche Swedish 2:08 SATB Umelodica MP3
Inte ens en grå liten fågel Folke Rabe (1935- ) lyr Nils Ferlin (1898-1961) Swedish 0:52 SATB Umelodica MP3
Så ler bara den Folke Rabe (1935- ) lyr Nils Ferlin (1898-1961) Swedish 0:57 SATB Umelodica MP3
Vi sålde våra hemman Trad. Arr. Röjås Jonas Swedish 4:17 SATB Umelodica and Baskamraterna MP3
Ett - polska 2:44 Bass-violin, violins, mouth-organ Baskamraterna PWD
Två - polska 2:41 Bass-violin, mouth-organ Svante and Greger PWD
Felgubben Polska from Dorotea 8:42 Bass-violin, mouth-organ Svante and Greger PWD
Stormyren Eric Sahlström 3:16 Bass-violin, key-fiddle Svante and Torbjörn PWD
Deep-Purple 2:38 Bass-violin, violin Svante and Jan PWD
AC-polska trad. Västergötland 2:31 Bass-violin, violins, mouth-organ Baskamraterna PWD
Tre - polska 1:52 Bass-violin, violins, mouth-organ Svante and Greger PWD
Fyra - polska 2:57 Bass-violin, violins Svante, Thomas and Jan PWD
Fem - polska 2:02 Bass-violin, violin Svante and Torbjörn PWD
Rheinländer trad. Norway 4:57 Bass-violin, violins, mouth-organ Baskamraterna PWD
Se goafton och gokväll Gånglåt 1:59 Bass-violin, violins, mouth-organ Baskamraterna and public PWD
Lullaby of Birdland Harry Warren, lyr. Al Dubin, arr. H.O. Klem English 3:08 SATB Umelodica, Baskamraterna MP3
Teresica hermana Mateo Flecha Canc. De Upsala N:o 36 Spannish 2:39 SATB Umelodica MP3
No la devemos dormir Letra de Fray Ambrosio Montesius,
Canc. De Upsala N:o 37
Spannish 1:14 SATB, recorder, rythminstr. Umelodica MP3
Sankt Staffan han rider sina hästar i vall Trad. Swedish 1:12 SMA Umelodica-trio MP3
O Nata Lux Latin 1:33 SATTB Umelodica-quintet MP3
Intro Noita laulan Swedish 1:59 Hans-Erik MP3
Noita laulan Finnish 4:08 SSAATTB Umelodica MP3
Näckrosen och den kinesiska prinsessan From On thousand and one nights Swedish 34:55 Reading Karin Larsson PWD
Sov sov du lilla sov Alice Tegner, arr. Örjan Larsson Swedish 1:38 SATB Umelodica MP3

Live-recording (AB-stereo;) with original dynamics. Presentations and handclapping are removed. Recorded with a Hi-Fi stereo VHS recorder (JVC HR-D725E), digitized to 16bits (44.1kHz WAV) and converted to MP3 using a Lame coder (128kbit/s, 44.1kHz, stereo, constant bit rate, highest quality). Microphones: Primo UEC-14 (electret with cardioid charactiristics). Producer Göran Westling.

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