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Umelodica - a vocal ensemble created and conducted 1984-1989 by Örjan Larsson

Consert May 04, 1986 in Mimerskolans aula
Conductor Örjan Larsson

Songtitle Composer Language Duration Voices MP3
Entire consert 57:00 SSAATTBB, piano, violins, bass-violin, recorders,
crumhorn, guitar, drum, triangle, cymbal
Alleluja Medival Latin 1:18 SATB, recorder, crumhorn, drum MP3
Pase el agoa Anon. Spain 16th C. Spanish 1:02 SATB, drum MP3
Pass et Medio Tielman Susato c.1510/15-a.1570) Spanish 1:23 SATB, recorder, drum, triangle, cynbal, woodstocks MP3
Tourdion Pierre Attainnant (1494-1551/2) French 1:52 SATB MP3
Sing we and chant it Thomas Morley (1557-1602) English 1:45 SATB MP3
Amatemi ben mio Luca Marenzio (1553-1599) Italian 0:57 SAB MP3
The Silverswan Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) English 1:16 SSATB MP3
In these delightful pleasant groves Henry Purcell (1658-1695) English 1:38 SATB MP3
Myskvalsen trad. Arr Röjås-Jonas 2:42 SATB, recorders, violins, bass-violin MP3
Lima Brudmarsch trad. Arr. Mats Lissdaniels 2:14 SATB, guitar, violin, bass-violin MP3
Lycklig den flicka Polska after C.H.Hermansson arr. Kerstin Sonnbäck Swedish 1:42 SATB MP3
Talgper trad. Lyr. Rune Lindström (1916-1973 ) arr. Lille-Bror Söderlund (1912-1957) Swedish 2:04 SATB MP3
Och varje människa Trad. Judish Swedich 5:44 Jane Carfors and the public MP3
Death aint nothing but a rubber trad. Negro Spirituals arr. Cyndee Peters (1946- ) English 1:30 SATB, s-solo MP3
All my trials Bahamian Spirituals arr. Norman Luboff (1917-1987) English 2:38 SATB MP3
Move me Ray Charles (1930-2004) English 2:37 SATB, piano MP3
I folkviseton Nils Ferlin (1898-1961) Carl-Elow Nordström (1903-1990) Swedish 2:19 SATB MP3
När skönheten kom till byn Nils Ferlin (1898-1961) Carl-Elow Nordström (1903-1990) Swedish 2:19 SATB MP3
Nu kommer kvällen Olle Adolphsson (1934-2004) arr.Jorma Horttu Swedish 2:17 SATB MP3
Vardagsliv Ebba Lindqvist (1908-1995) Hilding Hallnäs (1903-1984) Swedish 1:27 SATB MP3
Vårvisa Sven-Erik Johansson, lyric Olof von Dahlin Swedish 1:34 SATB MP3
Ack min kära trad. Russian Swedish 1:40 SA MP3
Kit kat trad. Finish, Axel Törnudd Finish 1:30 TTBB MP3
Muistatko koskaan minua Heikki Klemetti (1876-1953) Finnish 1:53 SATB MP3
Tule, tule Erki Melartin (1875-1937) Finnish 1:54 SATB MP3
Linstead Market trad. Arr. Örjan Larsson English 3:18 SATB MP3
Fire! Fire! Thomas Morley (1557/8-1602) English 2:16 SATB MP3

Live-recording (AB-stereo;) with original dynamics. Presentations and handclapping are removed except after the last ordinary song (Linstead Market). Recorded with Revox A77 2 tracks 7,5 inch/sec, digitized to 16bits (44kHz WAV) and converted to MP3 using a Lame coder (128kbit/s, 44.1kHz, stereo, constant bit rate, highest quality). Microphones: Primo UEC-14 (electret with cardioid charactiristics). Producer Göran Westling.

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