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--Bildmuseet 1984-dec.
--Consert 1985-05-30
--Museet 1985-12-08
--Mimerskolans aula 1986-05-04
--Lunchmusic Radio 1986-06-08
--Mimerskolans aula 1986-11-16
--Mimerskolans aula 1987-05-21
--Mimerskolans aula 1987-12-06
--Polly - an opera
--Vårdskolans aula 1988-06-02
--Mariakyrkan 1989-04-15
--Ögonblicksteatern 1989-04-26
--Ögonblicksteatern 1989-12-02
--Karlebo church 1989-12-09
--Pedersöre church 1989-12-09
--TV kafé 18, 1989-12-13
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Umelodica - a vocal ensemble created and conducted 1984-1989 by Örjan Larsson

Consert April 15, 1989 in Mariakyrkan
Mellersta Österbottens kammarkör
Umelodica - conductor Örjan Larsson

Umelodica files (U) are public (MP3), but Mellersta Österbottens kammarkör files (MOK) are password protected (PWD).

Songtitle Composer Language Duration Choir Voices MP3
Entire consert 39:07
Ave Maris stella Piae Cantiones, arr H Klemetti Latin 3:08 MOK PWD
Regem natum Jacob Handl Latin 1:44 MOK PWD
Lamento Henry Purcell English 2:20 MOK PWD
Mitt träd är pinjen Erik Bergman Swedish 1:52 MOK PWD
Tulelko kanssani Kaj-Erik Gustavsson Finnish 1:42 MOK PWD
Rakkaus Kaj-Erik Gustavsson Finnish 1:34 MOK PWD
Gavott from suite no 3 J.S.Bach, arr. Anders Öhrvall 1:28 U SATB MP3
Dulce embeleso M. Matamaros, arr E. Silva Spannish 2:05 U SATB MP3
Kärlekens ögon Lars Gullin arr. Gunnar Eriksson Swedish 1:09 U SATB MP3
I folkviseton Nils-Erik Fougstedt Swedish 2:18 U SATB MP3
I Folkton Carl-Elow Nordström Swedish 2:14 U SATB MP3
Noita Laula Pekka Kostiainen Finnish 3:59 MOK PWD
Folkmelodi Sulho Ranta arr. I Kuusisto Finnish 1:53 MOK PWD
Iltataulu trad. arr. I Kuusisto Finnish 2:07 MOK PWD
Hymn to the world Heikki Sarmanto English 3:46 MOK PWD
Limu limu lima Folksong, arr. Hugo Alfvén Swedish 1:02 MOK, U SATB MP3
Uti vår hage Folksong, arr. Hugo Alfvén Swedish 2:52 MOK, U SATB MP3

Live-recording (AB-stereo;) with original dynamics. Presentations and handclapping are removed except after the last ordinary song (). Recorded with a Hi-Fi stereo VHS recorder (JVC HR-D725E), digitized to 16bits (44kHz WAV) and converted to MP3 using a Lame coder (128kbit/s, 44.1kHz, stereo, constant bit rate, highest quality). Microphones: Primo UEC-14 (electret with cardioid charactiristics). Producer Göran Westling.

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