Concerts (MP3-files)
-Arenateatern 2000-10-22
-Arenateatern 2000-12-13
-Mimerskolan 2000-12-16
-Nordmaling 2001-03-03
-Mariakyrkan 2001-04-08
-Bjurholm 2001-05-26
-Lycksele kyrka 2001-05-27
-Vasakyrkan 2001-05-29
-Arenateatern 2001-10-21
-Nordmaling 2001-10-28
-Hotel Björken 2001-12-15
-Mimerskolan 2001-12-16
-Arenateatern 2002-03-24
-Nordmaling 2002-05-24
-Mimerskolan 2002-05-25
-Arenateatern 2002-10-20
-Bygdeå 2002-11-29
-Nordmaling 2002-11-30
-Mariakyrkan 2003-01-26
-Arenateatern 2003-04-01
-Oasen 2003-05-29
-Ålidhemskyrkan 2003-06-01
-Arenateatern 2003-10-28
-Nordmaling 2003-11-29
-Hagagården 2003-12-14
-Ålidhem 2004-02-01
-Vårdvetarhuset 2004-03-30
-Prästsjögården 2004-05-08
-Vindeln 2004-05-11
-Ålidhem 2004-06-01
-Arenateatern 2004-10-17
-Arenateatern 2004-11-28
-Nordmaling 2004-11-30
-Tomtebo 2004-12-12
-Ålidhem 2005-01-30
-Arenateatern 2005-03-22
-Arenateatern 2005-05-03
-Vasakyrkan 2005-05-17
-Umedalen 2005-05-21
-Arenateatern 2005-10-14
-Vasakyrkan 2005-11-27
-Prästsjögården 2005-12-17
-Ålidhem 2006-01-15
-Umeå Universitet 2006-04-09
-Umeå Universitet 2006-05-17
-Umeå Universitet 2006-06-02
-Arenateatern 2006-10-14
-Arenateatern 2006-11-23
-Tegs sjukhem 2006-12-02
-Umeå Stads Kyrka 2007-01-14
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Program for dinner entertainment during a congress at Umeå University May 17, 2006

Music instructors Örjan Larsson and Sara Edström.

Performed without conductor.

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Songtitle Melody Lyrics Arrangements Language Time Voices Choir size MP3
Kulning (Herding calls) trad. Sweden trad. Sweden . Swedish 0:52 S Solo MP3
Blårocken trad. Sweden trad. Sweden Sara Edström Swedish 2:11 SAT Full choir MP3
När som flickorna de gifter sig trad. Sweden trad. Sweden Sara Edström Swedish 2:15 SAT Full choir MP3
Labajalg, Vana tüdruk, Muhu Köverik trad. Estonian trad. Estonian Veljo Tormis Estonian 2:30 SSSAT Full choir stim
Pseudo-Yoik Jaako Mäntyjärvi Jaako Mäntyjärvi Jaako Mäntyjärvi Nonsense text 1:29 SSAATT Full choir stim
Hotaru koi (3281) trad. Japanese children song trad. Japanese children song Ro Ogura Japanese 1:28 SSA Full choir stim
Mravalzaimier trad. Balkan trad. Balkan trad. Balkan . 1:27 SAT Full choir MP3

DDD live-recording (XY-stereo). Presentations and handclapping are removed, except for the last song (Mravalzaimier). Recorded with 16bits (44.1kHz WAV), gained to 100 per cent, converted to MP3 with a Lame coder (128kbit/s, 44.1kHz, stereo, constant bit rate, highest quality). Microphones: Sony ECM-959V (cardioid). Sampling and storing: Sony Minidiscrecorder MZ-N710 (automatic gain), analog transferred for resampling in Tascam US-122 (24bits 44.1kHz USB). Digital conversion and editing: DELL Inspiron 8600 (PP02X) with Wavelab 4.0. Producer Göran Westling.

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