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-Arenateatern 2000-10-22
-Arenateatern 2000-12-13
-Mimerskolan 2000-12-16
-Nordmaling 2001-03-03
-Mariakyrkan 2001-04-08
-Bjurholm 2001-05-26
-Lycksele kyrka 2001-05-27
-Vasakyrkan 2001-05-29
-Arenateatern 2001-10-21
-Nordmaling 2001-10-28
-Hotel Björken 2001-12-15
-Mimerskolan 2001-12-16
-Arenateatern 2002-03-24
-Nordmaling 2002-05-24
-Mimerskolan 2002-05-25
-Arenateatern 2002-10-20
-Bygdeå 2002-11-29
-Nordmaling 2002-11-30
-Mariakyrkan 2003-01-26
-Arenateatern 2003-04-01
-Oasen 2003-05-29
-Ålidhemskyrkan 2003-06-01
-Arenateatern 2003-10-28
-Nordmaling 2003-11-29
-Hagagården 2003-12-14
-Ålidhem 2004-02-01
-Vårdvetarhuset 2004-03-30
-Prästsjögården 2004-05-08
-Vindeln 2004-05-11
-Ålidhem 2004-06-01
-Arenateatern 2004-10-17
-Arenateatern 2004-11-28
-Nordmaling 2004-11-30
-Tomtebo 2004-12-12
-Ålidhem 2005-01-30
-Arenateatern 2005-03-22
-Arenateatern 2005-05-03
-Vasakyrkan 2005-05-17
-Umedalen 2005-05-21
-Arenateatern 2005-10-14
-Vasakyrkan 2005-11-27
-Prästsjögården 2005-12-17
-Ålidhem 2006-01-15
-Umeå Universitet 2006-04-09
-Umeå Universitet 2006-05-17
-Umeå Universitet 2006-06-02
-Arenateatern 2006-10-14
-Arenateatern 2006-11-23
-Tegs sjukhem 2006-12-02
-Umeå Stads Kyrka 2007-01-14
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Program for the Concert at Arenateatern
Umeå University Nov. 23, 2006

Musical instructors Jonas Östlund and Örjan Larsson.

Performed without conductor.

Songtitle Melody Lyrics Arrangements Language Time Voices Choir size MP3
Pastime with good company Henrik VIII Henrik VIII Henrik VIII English 1:06 SAB Full choir MP3
Fair Phyllis John Farmer John Farmer John Farmer English 1:35 SATB Full choir MP3
Ah, Robin, gentle Robin William Cornysh William Cornysh William Cornysh English 1:36 SST(B) Quartet MP3
Your shining eyes Thomas Bateson Thomas Bateson Thomas Bateson English 1:26 SAT Trio MP3
Tourdion Pierre Attaingnant Anon. printed by Pierre Attaignant Anon. printed by Pierre Attaignant French 2:10 SATB Quintet MP3
Medeltida visa Andreas Renström Andreas Renström Andreas Renström . 0:54 SSATB Quintet MP3
Angelica bilta Francesco Landini Francesco Landini Francesco Landini Italian 2:10 TB Duet MP3
Ecco la primavera Francesco Landini Francesco Landini Francesco Landini Italian 1:55 TB Duet + Portativ MP3
Conguadeant Catholici Codex Calixtinus Magister Albertus Hanna Thiel Latin 3:44 SSATB Quintet MP3
O virtus Sapientiae Hildegard von Bingen Hildegard von Bingen Cheryl Lynn Helm Latin 3:31. SATB Quintet MP3
Beata Cujus (Binicum VII) (1999) Orlando di Lasso Venatius Fortunatus Orlando di Lasso Latin 1:03 ST Duet MP3
Quoniam qui talia (Binicum IX) (2197) Orlando di Lasso Bible, Gal 5;21 Orlando di Lasso Latin 0:52 ST Duet MP3
Matona mia cara Orlando di Lasso Orlando di Lasso Orlando di Lasso Italian 2:29 SATB Quartet MP3
Ach Elslein Ludwig Senfl Ludwig Senfl Ludwig Senfl German 1:52 SATB Quartet MP3
E la don don Verges Maria Cancionero de Upsala #46, 1556, Mateo Flecha? or Bartomeu Cárceres? . . Spanish 3:15 SATB Quartet+drums MP3
Riu Rio Chiu Cancionero de Upsala #45, 1556, Mateo Flecha? . . Spanish 2:43 SSATB Quintet, gamba, recorder, drums MP3
Exultet caelum laudibus Josquin des Pres . Josquin des Pres Latin 0:59 SATB Full choir MP3
Alle psallite cum luya Anon from Montpellier Codex . . Latin 1:59 SAB Full choir MP3

Live recording with preserved original dynamic within each song, but not between the songs. DDD live-recording (AB-stereo;). Presentations and handclapping are removed, except for the last song (Alle psallite cum luya). Recorded with 24bits (44.1kHz WAV), gained to 100 per cent, and converted to MP3 with a Lame coder (128kbit/s, 44.1kHz, stereo, constant bit rate, highest quality). Microphones: Behringer B-5 (cardioid) Sampling: Tascam US-122 (24bits 44.1kHz USB), Storing, conversion and editing: DELL Inspiron 8600 (PP02X) with Steinbergs Wavelab 4.0. Foto Maja Westling. Recording and production Göran Westling.

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