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Courses in Business Administration  
available in English !

LW's Fishing Site
LW's Sportfiskesida  
Swedish version

LW's Geo Site  
LW's Astronomy Site

Volvo Duett P210
, if you are interested in genuine Swedish cars
Volvo Duett P210
  Swedish version

LW's Search Bookmark
Svenska sökvertyg  
Swedish version

LW's HTML3.0-guide  
( mixed Swe/Eng )
My 3D-page

My very useful Bookmark list  
English version
My very useful Bookmark list  
Swedish version

Highly recommended

Four of the best  (?)   English version
De fyra bästa
 (?)   Swedish version

Only in Swedish

Grundutbildningen   (Undergraduate)

Other resources

The Department of Business Administration at Umeå University
Umeå School of Business and Economics
Scholae Castra Umensis
  Umeå Barrack School

Umeå University

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