Maybe it seems confusing that there are a lot of different mail addresses on my pages. The explanation is that our webmaster has tested several systems and I have not managed to correct all my pages. However, I use these two for "email spam collectors" -;) : lwidmark@hh.umu.se and Lennart.Widmark@fek.hh.umu.se (both not working)

Erlier I prefered this one (no longer working) :

Now I prefer this one
(secure and valid) :

This was erlier the other way for messages :
Umeå University
Umeå School of Business
Lennart Widmark                
S-901 87 Umeå
      Umeå universitet
Lennart Widmark
901 87 Umeå

 Umeå University

Where on Earth is Umeå ?

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