Widmarks HTML 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 Starting-up-guide

Hi, some more or less exciting things
from early HTML up to the HTML 4.0

This is a Netscape > 2.0b1 example document. Text is black and links are red at first, (flashing green when activated), and blueif you already have visited my 3D-page. new

This is a little "FRAME" example.

Here is an example how to use new feature, my Disclamer

If you are interested in Java scripts please have a look at this example , (it is not heavy)

Some words about the META refresh tag (and examples)

Here is a cool Java applet   (chose the file "lwdefect" in that Directory)

If you are interested in HTML 4.0 here is a little Layer example

Perhaps Dynamic Astronomy could be something ? The bouncing Nebula


Bakgrundsfärger, (hexadecimal) < body bgcolor="#ffffff" >
"#00000" svart "#0000ff" Blå
"#00ff00" Grön "#ff0000" Röd
"#ff00ff" "Skär" "#00ffff" "Ljusgrön"
"#ffff00" Gul "#ffffff" Vit
Det finns många andra siffer- och bokstavskombinationer som ger ytterligare rena och "täta" färger

LW's Clean BGCOLOR Table Chart

RGB Triplet Color Chart   Den här är också bra   The Color Specifier for Netscape.
< body background="xx.gif" >
star Bakgrundsbildsortiment new
< font color="#ffffff" > useful link ! < /font >



Transparenta bilder och The Imaging Machine


No Copyright 1995

star Table Sampler




"Tavla" med ram


star Lektion 1-8
Med hjälp av tabell kan du arrangera bild och text på många sätt new
blue WWW Development
Hyper Text Markup Language HTML 4.0 specification etc.
Lager för sällsynta tecken [ASCII] T.ex ± 0 C° , 100 m² , 1000 m³ etc …

Ytterligare HTML-info. (LW's HTML-guide)


< widmark@acc.umu.se >

You can check if your web pages are HTML 4.0 valid at the W3C HTML Validation Service

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