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Sing la renaissance

How to musically perform a certain piece of renaisance music really could be debated.
The argument is usally taken from early prints like John Dowlands english translation of Ornithoparcus' Musicae active micrologus of 1515.

However, from the historical art of painting, it is obvious that groups of people came together to sing and play in their homes.
From this point of wiev, following music examples are authentical; i.e. how it today can sound when 3-5 people every week meet to sit around the kitchen table and just sing for fun.
Thus, also small kids in the families could be heard!
Interestingly, there are musical scores which should be read at each of the four sides.
This really indicate that four people sat at each of the sides of a table to sing!

It is really not like a professional consert performance, but probably more close to how it could have sounded in the homes 400-500 years ago.
When singing, we called us Quadrivium; i.e. where four (roads) meet. However, also means the meeting of four gateway to wisdom; "Ars Arithmetica", "Ars Geometrica, Ars Astrologica" and "Ars Musica".

Due to Copyrights, some mp3-files are password-protected (PWD).

Songtitle Composer Time MP3
Ach Elslein Ludwig Senfl 116 MP3
Air E-Major G.F.Handel 052 MP3
All my trials trad. 222 MP3
Alleluya Anon. 116 MP3
Amatemi ben mio Luca Marenzio 057 MP3
Anders han var en hurtiger dräng trad. 123 MP3
A quand haveva Adrian Willaert 303 MP3
Bourre eng suite no3 J.S. Bach 147 MP3
Come again John Dowland 211 MP3
Dale si le da Anon. 120 MP3
Dansen på Svinsta skär . 113 MP3
Der Khle maien Johann Herman Schein 030 MP3
Det är en ros utsprungen Michael Praetorius 056 MP3
Die beste Zeit im Jahr ist mein Melchior Vulpius 242 MP3
Die schöne Blmelein . 129 MP3
Dindirin dindirin Anon. 131 MP3
Do do trad. Haiti 230 MP3
Dulce embeleso trad. Cuba 218 MP3
Einki er sum summarkvold H.J. Hojgaard 207 MP3
En sommarafton Adolf Fredrik Lindblad 232 MP3
Es ist ein Schnee gefallen Caspar Othmayer 134 MP3
Eviga livet blott är en givet som har musiken . 055 MP3
Falalan falalalera Mateo Fletcha 101 MP3
Gavotte no3 JS Bach 134 MP3
Ich weiss mir ein Maidlein hbsch und fein Caspar Othmayer 053 MP3
I folkton - Kärleken kommer och kärleken går Ferlin/Fougstedt 205 PWD
Innsbruck ich muss dich lassen Heinrich Isaak 255 MP3
Johnny has gone for a soldier trad. am. 126 MP3
Kersti lill sov gott Laci Bolderman 218 PWD
Klättergroda Laci Bolderman 028 PWD
Lasciate mi morire Claudi Monteverdi 216 MP3
Love with beauty is flying lyr. John Guy 114 MP3
Länge leve livet Claus Bang 122 MP3
Mein Gmt ist mir verwirret Hans Leo Hassler 054 MP3
Mopsen Laci Bolderman 102 PWD
Muistatko koskaan minua Heikki Klemetti 137 MP3
Månen i den tysta natten Laci Bolderman 123 PWD
Non fu Venere Agostino Lodovico 059 MP3
Now is the month of Maying Thomas Morley 207 MP3
Nu kommer kvällen Olle Adolfsson/Jorma Hartuu 204 PWD
När skönheten kom till byn Nils Ferlin 206 PWD
Om du har en örtagård Laci Bolderman 119 PWD
O nata lux Thomas Tallis 200 MP3
O villanella Agostino Lodovico 123 MP3
Pase el agua ma Julieta Anon. 035 MP3
Sing we and chant it Thomas Morley 157 MP3
Som stjärnor små Ewert Taube 213 PWD
So trinken wir alle Arnoldus de Bruck 046 MP3
Tan ta ra cies Mars Thomas Weelkes 148 MP3
Tanzen und springen Hans Leo Hassler 242 MP3
Tappster fyll another ale Anon. 057 MP3
The silver swan Orlando Gibbons 129 MP3
Toque trad. Cuba 116 MP3
Tourdion Pierre Attaingnant 112 MP3
Uti vår hage trad. Gotland, arr. Hugo Alfvn 159 PWD
Vecchie letrose Adrian Willaert 039 MP3
Verbum caro factum est Anon. 108 MP3
Vilse Nils Ferlin/Lille-Bror Söderlund 059 PWD
Vi sålde våra hemman trad. 151 MP3
Vore du ett blad Alida Grönlund 118 MP3
Vårvindar friska trad. Norrland 046 MP3
Weep O mine eyes John Bennet 215 MP3
Yo me soy la morenica Anon. 224 MP3

Live-recording (XY-stereo, 120deg) around the kithen table. Recorded at a casette recorder (Sony WM-D6C, Dolby type-C, metal type IV tape). Sampling with Tascam US-122 (16bits 44.1kHz USB). Converted to MP3 with a Lame coder (128kbit/s, 44.1kHz, stereo, constant bit rate, highest quality). Microphones: Sony ECM-909V (cardioid). Digital conversion and editing: DELL Inspiron 8600 (PP02X) with Wavelab 4.0. Producer Göran Westling.

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