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-What is music?
-What is folk music?
-My folksongs
-Early Vocal Music Map
--Gregorian chant
--Central Middle Ages
--Early Renaissance
--High Renaissance
--The Italian Seicento (17th C)
--German Baroque Music (17th C)
--Western Europe 1650-1760
--The Italian Settecento (18th.C)
--The Works of J.S. Bach
--Georg Frederick Händel
--The German Preclassics (1700-1760)
-Sing la Renaissance.
-Early Music Examples
-Örjans folkmusik-exempel
-Arranging & Composing
-Renaissance musical learning
-Renaissance - moving emotions
-Early Music in Swedish Libraries
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Umeå Akademiska Kör

Early Vocal Music Map to about 1760 with music developement, composer bibliography and music as PDF/MIDI/MP3-files.

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  • Research and text by Chris Whent at HOASM (Here on a Sunday Morning - WBAI 99.5 FM New York)
  • Composer Bibliography - links to Wikipedia and HOASM
  • Discography - lists of commercial musical recordings - links to HOASM
  • PDF-files (music scores) and MIDI-files - links to CPDL (Choral Public Domain Library)
  • MP3-recordings - links to public MP3-files at choir home-pages

Research periods

Fifty years ago, when Deutsche Grammophon started its pioneering Archiv Produktion label devoted to (increasingly authentic) performances of early music, the ambitious plan organized the works that were to be recorded in "Research Periods" and through the early 1970s all recordings on that label were classified according to the scheme. It still seems to us a good starting point, and as good a way as any to present information about the music, despite some deficiencies. Indeed, its schematic presentation might be considered prescient, only needing the new technology of the Internet website to realize its full potential. However, the subheadings 1-8 under section IVM have been added. Pure instrumental headings are linked to HOASM. Start the journey here.

I Gregorian chant 1000-1100
Ia The Office
Ib The Mass
Ic The Office for the Dead
II The central Middle Ages 1100-1350
IIa Troubadours, Trouvrs and Minnesinger
IIb Music of the Minstrels
IIc Early Polyphony
IId The Ars Nova In France
III The Early Renaissance 1350-1450
IIIa The Florentine Group
IIIb From Wolkenstein to Locheimer Liederbuch
IIIc John Dunstable and his time
IIId The Netherlanders to Ockeghem
IIIe The Meistersingers
IIIf Codex Chantilly and Lrs Subtilior
IIIg The Frottolists and their contemporaries
IV The High Renaissance 1450-1600
IVa The Netherlanders from Josquin des Pres
IVb At the Imperial Court of Maximilian I
IVc Evangelical Church Music
IVd Social Music In Italy
IVe Music for Organ and Lute HOASM
IVf Palestrina and his School
IVg Dance Music in the Renaissance
IVh The German Lied
IVi The French Chanson
IVk Orlandus Lassus & Catholic Polyphonic in Germany
IVl The Spanish Masters
IVm The Elizabethan Age in England
IVm1 English Keyboard Music through 1635 HOASM
IVm2 English Madrigal
IVm3 English Consort Music through 1635
IVm4 Song in the Elizabethan and Stuart Ages
IVm5 English lutenists HOASM
IVm6 Latin Church Music 1460-1575
IVm7 English Church Music
IVm8 Additional Popular Music
IVn The Venetian Style
IVo Italy outside Venice and Rome
IVp From Renaissance to Baroque
V The Italian Seicento 1600-1700
Va Monando and the Vocal Concerto
Vb Claudio Monterverdi
Vc The Toccata
Vd The Cantata
Ve The Sonata
Vf Naples
Vg Sacred Music in the Seicento
Vh Early Oratorio
VI The German Preclassics 1700-1760
VIa Heinrich Schtz
VIb Clavier, Organ and Lute HOASM
VIc The Ensemble Suite HOASM
VId The Lied
VIe The Sonata HOASM
VIf Spiritual, Concerto and Church Cantata
VIg Cathgolic Church Music in 17th C Germany
VII Western Europe 1650-1760
VIIa Henry Purcell and his contemporaries
VIIb At the court of Louis XIV
VIIc The Concersts Spiritual
VIId Chamber & Keyboard Music, Couperin to Rameau HOASM
VIIe Instrumental Works from the end of the 18th C HOASM
VIIf Ballet and Opera
VIIg Cathgolic Church Music in 17th C Germany
VIIh Iberia, New Spain and America
VIIj British Isles after 1730
VIIk Church Music, 18th C Outside Italy
VIII The Italian Settecento 1700-1800
VIIIa The Concerto HOASM
VIIIb The Neapolitan Group HOASM
VIIIc The Harpsichord HOASM
VIIId The Solo and Trio Sonata HOASM
VIIIe Vocal Music
VIIIf Sacred Music of the Italian 18th C
IX The Works of J.S. Bach 1685-1750
IXa Cantatas and Chorals
IXb Motets
IXc Masses and Magnificat
IXd Passions and Oratorios
IXe Songs and Arias
X Georg Frederick Händel 1685-1759
Xa Orchestral Concertos HOASM
Xb Organ Concertos HOASM
Xg Church Music
Xh Opera
XI The German Preclassics (1700-1760)
XIa Georg Philipp Telemann
XIb At the Court of Frederick the Great
XId Orchestral/Chamber Music in Transition HOASM
XIe Bach's Pupils and his Legacy
XIf The Dresden Virtuosi

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