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Umelodica - a vocal ensemble created and conducted 1984-1989 by Örjan Larsson

Polly - a Ballad Opera
by John Gay from 1729 played by Umelodica and David Kettlewell in Febr. 1988.


PRELUDIUM Sinfonia Boscaresia, La Suavissima, D. Marco Uccellini MP3 Duration = 2:03


The INDIAN Camp.


Indian. Sir, a party from the British factory have join'd us. Their chief attends your majesty's orders for their disposition.
Pohetohee. Let them be posted next my command; for I would be witness of their bravery. But first let their officer know .I would see him. [Exit Indian. [Enter Ducat.
Mr.Ducat I would do all in my power to serve your majesty. I have brought up my men, and now, Sir, - I would fain give up. I speak purely upon your majesty's account. For as to courage and all that - I have been a colonel of the militia these ten years.
Pohetohee. Sure, you have not fear. Are you a man?
Mr.Ducat A married man, Sir, who carries his wife's heart about him, and that indeed is a little timorous. Upon promise to her, I am engag'd to quit in case of a battle; and her heart hath ever govern'd me more than my own. Besides, Sir, fighting is not our business; we pay others for fighting; and yet 'tis well known we had rather part with our lives than our money.
Pohetohee. And have you no spirit then to defend it? Your families, your liberties, your properties are at stake. If these cannot move you, you must be born without a heart.
Mr.Ducat Alas, Sir, we cannot be answerable for human infirmities.


AIR 49 There was an old man, and he liv'd. Mr. Ducat NOT INCLUDED in Umelodic's production. What man can on virtue or courage repose, Or guess if the touch 'twill abide? Like gold, if intrinsick sure no body knows, Till weigh'd in the ballance and try'd.
Pohetohee. How different are your notions from ours! We think virtue, honour, and courage as essential to man as his limbs, or senses; and in every man we suppose the qualities of a man, till we have found the contrary. But then we regard him only as a brute in disguise. How custom can degrade nature!
Mr.Ducat Why should I have any more scruples about myself, than about my money? If I can make my courage pass currant, what matter is it to me whether it be true or false? 'Tis time enough to own a man's failings when they are found out. If your majesty then will not dispense with my duty to my wife, with permission, I'll to my post. 'Tis wonderful to me that kings ever go to war, who have so much to lose, and nothing essential to get. [Exit.


POHETOHEE, Attendants.

Pohetohee. My Son a Prisoner! Tortur'd perhaps and inhumanly butcher'd Human nature cannot bear up against such afflictions. The war must suffer by his absence) More then is requir'd from me. Grief raises my resolution, and calls me to relieve him, or to a just revenge. What mean those shouts? [Enter Indian. Ind. The prince, Sir, is return'd. The troops are animated by his presence. 'With some of the pyrates in his retinue, he waits your majesty's commands.



Pohetohee. Victory then is ours. Let me embrace him. Welcome, my son. Without thee my heart could not have felt a triumph.
Cawwawkee Let this youth then receive your thanks. To him are owing my life and liberty. And the love of virtue alone gain'd me his friendship.
Pohetohee. This hath convinc'd me that an European can be generous and honest.
Cawwawkee These others, indeed, have the passion of their country. I owe their services to gold, and my promise is engag'd to reward them. How it gauls honour to have obligations to a dishonourable man!
Laguerre. I hope your majesty will not forget our services.
Pohetohee. I am bound for my son's engagement,
Cawwawkee For this youth, I will be answerable Like a gem found in rubbish, he appears the brighter among these his, country men.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:15 song/music= 1:58 total= 2:13

NWC MIDI PDF Arr. David Kettlewell

AIR 50 Iris la plus charmante. Cawwawkee and all: Love with beauty is flying, At once it's blooming and dying, But all seasons defying, Friedship lasts on the year. Love is by long enjoying, Cloying; Friendship, enjoy'd the longer, Stronger. O may the flame divine Burn in your breast like mine!
    Kärlek försvinner med skönhet,
    den dör vid sin blomstring;
    Men vänskap varar 
    genom alla årstider.
    Kärlek, genom lång tids njutning, 
    Vänskap, genom lång tids njutning 
    O må denna gudomliga flamma
    brinna i ditt bröst, liksom i mitt.
Polly. Most noble prince, my behaviour shall justify the good opinion you have of me; and my friendship is beyond professions.
Pohetohee. Let these men remain under guard, till after the battle. All promises shall then be made good to you. [Exeunt Pyrates guarded.

INTERPLAY Le Vezinet, Jean Philippe Rameau MP3 Duration = 4:00

INTERPLAY March, Signor Heinrich MP3 Duration = 0:47



Cawwawkee May this young man be my companion in the war. As a boon I request it of you. He knows our cause is just, and that is sufficient to engage him in it.
Pohetohee. I leave you to appoint him his command. Dispose of him as you judge convenient.
Polly To fall into their hands is certain torture and death. As far as my youth and strength will permit me, you may rely upon my duty. [Enter Indian. Ind. Sir, the enemy are advancing towards us.
Pohetohee. Victory then is at hand. Justice protects us, and courage shall support us. Let us then to our posts. [Exeunt.


The field of battle.


NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:00 song/music= 1:15 total= 1:15

NWC MIDI PDF Arr. David Kettlewell

AIR 51 There was a Jovial Beggar. 1:st Pyrate When horns with cheerful sound, Proclaim the active day; Impatience warms the hound, He burns to chase the prey. Chorus Thus to battle we will go ... 2:d Pyrate How charms the trumpet's breath! The brave, with hope possess'd, Forgetting wounds and death. Chorus Thus to battle we will go ...
1:st Pyrate När hornen med sitt  bekymmerslösa ljud
            förkunnar den aktiva dagen
            så brinner hundarna, 
            ivriga att jaga rovet.
Chorus      Så går vi till strid!
2:d Pyrate  De tappra, förvhoppningsfulla,
            glömska av sår och död,
            Känner segern i bröstet.
Chorus      Så går vi till strid!

Cutlace. But yet I don't see, Brother Hacker, why we should be commanded by a Neger. 'Tis all along of him that we are led into these difficulties. I hate this land fighting. I love to have sea-room.
Hacker. We are the council, brother. If ever we get on board again, my vote shall be for calling of him to account for these pranks. Why should we be such fools to be ambitious of satisfying another's ambition
Culverin. Let us mutiny. I love mutiny as well as my wife.
Pyrate. Let us mutiny.
2 Pyrate. Ay, let us mutiny.
Hacker. Our captain takes too much upon him. I am for no engrosser of power. By our articles he hath no command but in a fight or in a storm. Look'ee, brothers I am for mutiny as much as any of you, when occasion offers.
Cutlace. Right, brother, all in good season. The pass to our ships is cut off by the troops of the Plantation. We must fight the Indians first, and we have a mutiny good afterwards.
Hacker. Is Morano still with his doxy?
Culverin. He's yonder on the right, putting his troops in order for the onset.
Hacker. I wish this fight of ours were well over. For, to be sure, let soldiers say what they will, they feel more pleasure after a battle than in it.
Culverin. Does not the drum-head here, quarter-master, tempt you to fling a merry main or two? [Takes dice out of his pocket.
Hacker. If I lose my money, I shall reimburse myself from the Indians. I have set.
Culverin. Have at you. A nick. [Flings.
Hacker. Throw the dice fairly out. Are you at me again!
Cutlace. I'm at it. Seven or eleven. [Flings.] Eleven.
Hacker. Furies! A manifest cog! I won't be bubbled, Sir. This would not pass upon a drunken country gentleman. Death, Sir, I won't be cheated.
Culverin. The money is mine. D'you take me fora sharper, Sir?
Hacker. Yes, Sir.
Culverin. I'll have satisfaction.
Hacker. With all my heart. [Fighting.



Morano. For shame, gentlemen! [Parting them.] Is this a time for private quarrel? What do I see! Dice upon the drum-head! If you have not left off those cowardly tools, you are unworthy your profession. The articles you have sworn to, prohibit gaming for money. Friendship and society cannot subsist where it is practis'd. As this is the day of battle, I remit your penalties. But let me hear no more of it. Cul. To be call'd sharper, captain! is a reproach that no man of honour can put up.
Hacker. But to be one, is what no man of honour can practice.
Morano. If you will not obey orders, quarter-master, this pistol shall put an end to the dispute. [Claps it to his head.] The common cause now requires your agreement. If gaming is so rife, I don't wonder that treachery still subsists among you.
Hacker. Who is treacherous?
Morano. Capstern and Laguerre have let the prince and the stripling you took prisoner escape, and are gone off with then to the Indians. Upon your duty, gentlemen, this day depends our all.
Cutlace. Rather than have ill blood among us, I return the money. I value your friendship more. Let all animosities be forgot.
Morano. We should be Indians among ourselves, and shew our breeding and parts to every body else. If we cannot be true to one another, and false to all the world beside, there is an end of every great enterprize.
Hacker. We have nothing to trust to but death or victory.
Morano. Then hey for victory and plunder, my lads!


AIR 52  To the fair ladies.          NOT INCLUDED in Umelodica's production.

Morano      By bolder steps we win the race.
1:st Pyrate Let's haste where danger calls.
Morano      Unless ambition mend its pace,
            It totters, nods and falls.
1:st Pyrate We must advance or be undone.
Morano      Think thus, and the the battle's won.
Chorus      With a fa la la ....
Morano. You see your booty, your plunder gentlemen. The Indians are just upon us. The great must venture death s'ome way or other, and the less ceremony about it, in my opinion, the better. But why talk I of death! Those only talk of it, who fear it Let us all live, and enjoy our conquests. Sound the charge.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:16 song/music= 0:56 total= 1:12

AIR 53 Prince Eugene's march. Morano When the tiger roams And the timorous flock is in his view, Fury foams, He thirsts for the blood of the crew. His greedy eyes he throws, Thirst with their number grows, On he pours, with a wide waste pusuing, Spreadeing the plain with a general ruin, Thus let us charge, and our foes o'erturn: Vanderbluff Let us on one and all! i:st Pyrate How they fly, how they fall! Morano For the war, for the prize I burn.
Morano      När tigern strövar omkring
            och ser den rädda flocken
            Raseriet skummar,
            han törstar efter deras blod
            med giriga ögonkast;
            ju fler de är
            desto törstigare är han.
            Fram rusar han,
            Sprider allmän förtvivlan över slätten.
Vanderbluff Så låt oss anfalla, låt oss välta fienden omkull.
i:st Pyrate Vad de flyr, vad de faller!
Morano      För striden, för bytet brinner jag!

Morano. For the war, for the prize I burn.
Vanderbluff. Were they dragons, my lads, as they sit brooding upon treasure, we would fright them from their nests.
Morano. But see, the enemy are advancing to close engagement. Before the onset, we'll demand a parley, and if we can, obtain honourable terms - We are overpower'd by numbers, and our retreat is cut off.



with the Indian Army drawn up against the Pyrates.
Pohetohee. Our hearts are all ready. The enemy halts. Let the trumpets give the signal.


AIR 54 The marlborough. Cawwawkee NOT INCLUDED in Umelodica's production. We the sword of justice drawing, Terror cast in guilty eyes; In its beam false courage dies; 'Tis like lightning ken and awing. Charge the foe, Lay them low, On then and strike the blow. Hark, victory calls us. See, guilt is dismay'd: The villian is of his own conscience afraid. In your hands are your lives and your liberties held, The courage of virtue was never repell'd.

. Our chief demands a parley.
Pohetohee. Let him advance. Art thou, Morano, that fell man of prey? That foe to justice?
Morano. Tremble and obey. Art thou great Pohetohee styl'd?
Pohetohee. the same.I dare avow my actions and my name.
Morano. Thou know'st then, king, thy son there was my prisoner. Pay us the ransom we demand, allow us safe passage to our ships, and we will give you your lives and liberties.
Pohetohee. Shall robbers and plunderers prescribe rules to right and equity? Insolent madman! Composition with knaves is base and ignominious. Tremble at the sword of justice, rapacious brute.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:22 song/music= 0:39 total= 1:01

AIR 55 Les rats. (Pohetohee:) All Know then, war's my pleasure. Am I thus controll'd? Both thy heart and treasure I'll at once unfold. You, like a miser, scraping, hiding, Rob all the world; you're but mines of gold. Rage my breast alarms: War is by kings held right-deciding; The to arms, to arms; With this sword I'll force your hold.
    Vet sen, att krig är mitt nöje, 
    Är jag således kontrollerad?
    Jag avslöjar i ett
    era hjärtan och era skatter.
    Du, som en girig, snålar, gömmer,
    Ni rånar hela världen, ni är guldgruvor.
    Häftigt ropar mitt hjärta.
    Av kungar betraktas krig som rättskipande.
    Till vapen, till vapen:
    Detta svärd skall tvinga dig att släppa taget.

Morano. By thy obstinacy, king, thou hast provok'd thy fate; and so expect me.
Pohetohee. Rapacious fool; by thy avarice thou shalt perish.
Morano. Fall on.
Pohetohee. For your lives and liberties. [Fight. Pyrates beat


Due. A slight wound now would have been a good certificate; but who dares contradict a soldier? 'Tis your common soldiers who must content themselves with mere fighting; but 'tis we officers that run away with the most fame as well as pay. Of all fools, the fool-hardy are the greatest, for they are not even to be trusted with themselves) Why should we provoke men to turn again upon us, after they are run away? For my own part, I think it wiser to talk of fighting, than only to be talk'd of. 'The fame of a talking hero will satisfy me; the sound of whose valour amazes and astonishes all peaceable men, women, and children. Sure a man may be allow'd a little lying in his own praise, when there's so much going about to his discredit. Since every other body gives a man less praise than he deserves, a man, i justice to himself, ought to make up deficiencies. Without this privilege, we should have fewer good characters in the world than we have.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:25 song/music= 0:46 total= 1:21

AIR 56 Mad Robin. Mr. Ducat: How faulties does the nymph appear, When her own hand the picture draws! But all others only smear Her wrickles, cracks and flaws. Self-flattery is our claim and right, Let men say what they will; Sure we may set our good in sight, When neibours set our ill.
    Hur bristfri verkar nymfen,
    när hon själv ritar bilden!
    Men andra bara smetar ned 
    hennes skrynklor och sprickor.
    Självsmicker är vårt krav och rättighet.
    Låt männen säga vad de vill;
    Självklart får vi framhäva våra goda egenskaper,
    När grannarna bestämmer båra illdåd.
Mr. Ducat.So, for my own part, I'll no more trust my reputation in my neighbours hands than my money. But will turn them both myself to the best advantage.

INTERPLAY Preludio, Giovanni Bononcini MP3 Duration =2:53



Pohetohee. Had Morano been taken or slain, our victory had been compleat.
Mr. Ducat. A hare may escape from a mastiff. I could not be a greyhound too.
Pohetohee. How have you dispos'd of the prisoners?
Cawwawkee They are all under safe guard, till the king's justice, by their exemplary punishment, deters others from the like barbarities.
Pohetohee. But all our troops are not as yet return'd from the pursuit: I am too for speedy justice, for in that there is a sort of clemency. Besides, I would not have my private thoughts worried by mercy to pardon such wretches. I cannot be answerable for the frailties of my nature.
Cawwawkee The youth who rescu'd me from these cruel men is missing; and amidst all our successes I cannot feel happiness. I fear he is among the slain. My gratitude interested itself so warmly in his safety that you must pardon my concern. 'What hath victory done for me? I have lost a friend.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:18 song/music= 1:47 total= 2:05

AIR 57 Thro' the wood laddy. Cawwawkee As sits the sad turtle alone on the spray; His heart sorely beating, Sad murmur repeating, Indulging his grief for his consort astray; For force or death only could keep her away. Now he thinks of the fowler, and every snare; If guns have not slane her, The net must detain her, Thus hell's rise in my thoughts, every hour with a tear, If safe from the battle he do not appear.
Liksom turturduvan, som sitter ensam,
sörjer sin make,
Klagar oupphörligt
Beklagar sin död för sin vilseförda maka
För bara seger eller död kan hålla henne borta
Tänker på fågelfångaren, hans nät, hans bössa:
Om inte gävären dräpt henne,
måste nätet försena henne,
Så dyker han upp i mina tankar
varje timme, med en tår,
Om inte han visar sig trygg efter slaget.
Pohetohee. Dead or alive, bring me intelligence of him for I share in my son's affliction. [Exit Indian.
Mr.Ducat I had better too be upon the spot, or my men may embezzle some plunder which by right should be mine. [Exit. [Enter Indian. Ind. The youth, Sir, with a party is just return'd from the pursuit. He's here to attend your majesty's commands.



Cawwawkee Pardon, Sir, the warmth of my friendship if I fly to meet him, and for a moment intercept his duty. [Embracing.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:08 song/music= 0:54 total= 1:02

NWC MIDI PDF Arr. David Kettlewell

AIR 58 Clasp'd in my dear Melinda's arms. Polly Victory is ours. Cawwawkee My fond heart is at rest. Polly Friendship thus receives its guest. Cawwawkee O what transport fills my breast! Polly Conquest is compleat, Cawwawkee Now the triumph's great. Polly In your life is a nation blest. Cawwawkee In your life I'm of all possess'd.
Polly     Segern är vår!
Cawwawkee Mitt ömma hjärta får nu vila.
Polly     Vänskap mottager således sin gäst.
Cawwawkee O vilka starka emotioner fyller inte nu mitt bröst.
Polly     Striden är avslutad.
Cawwawkee Nu är triumfen stor.
Polly     Ditt liv välsignar en nation.
Cawwawkee Ditt liv gör att jag äger allt.
Pohetohee. The obligations my son hath receiv'd from you, makes me take a part in his friendship. In your safety victory has been doubly kind to me. If Morano hath escap'd, justice only reserves him to be punish'd by another hand.
Polly In the rout, Sir, I overtook him, flying with all the cowardice of guilt upon him. Thousands have false courage enough to be vicious; true fortitude is founded upon honour and virtue; that only can abide all tests. I made him my prisoner, and left him without under strict guard, till I receiv'd your majesty's commands for his disposal.
Pohetohee. Sure this youth was sent me as a guardian. Let your prisoner be brought before us.



Morano. Here's a young treacherous dog now, who hangs the husband to come at the wife. There are wives in the world, who would have undertaken that affair to have come at him. Your son's liberty, to be sure, you think better worth than mine; so that I allow you a good bargain if I take my own for his ransom, without a gratuity. You know, king, he is my debtor.
Pohetohee. He hath the obligations to thee of a sheep who hath escap'd out of the jaws of the wolf, beast of prey!
Morano. your great men will never own their debts, that's certain.
Pohetohee. Trifle not with justice, impious man. Your barbarities, your rapin, your murthers are now at an end.
Morano. Ambition must take its chance. If I die, I die in my vocation.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:13 song/music= 0:48 total= 1:01

AIR 59 Parson upon Dorothy. Morano: The soldiers who by trade must dare The deadly cannon's sounds; You may be sure, betimes prepare For fatal blood and wounds. The men, who with adventrous dance, Bound from the cord of high, Must own they have the frequent chance By broken bones to die. Since rarely then Ambitiones men like others lose their breath; Like these I hope, They know a rope, Is but their natural death.
    Soldaterna som måste vara beredda att utmana 
    de dödliga kanonernas ljud;
    Förbered dig i unga år
    för dödligt blod och skador:
    Män som äventyrigt dansar 
    på lina högt upp,
    Måste inse risken 
    att dö av brutna ben.
    risken att bryta ben.
    Eftersom de ambitiösa 
    sällan ger upp andan
    på samma sätt som andra
    Likaså vet de att snaran 
    är blott deras naturliga död.
Morano. We must all take the common lot of our professions.
Pohetohee. Would your European laws have suffer'd crimes like these to have gone unpunish'd!
Morano. Were all I am worth safely landed, I have wherewithal to make almost any crime sit easy upon me.
Pohetohee. Have ye notions of property?
Morano. Of my own.
Pohetohee. Would not your honest industry have been sufficient to have sup-ported you?
Morano. Honest industry! I have heard talk of it indeed among the common people, but all great genius's are above it.
Pohetohee. Have you no respect for virtue?
Morano. As a good phrase, Sir. But the practicers of it are so insignificant and poor, that they are seldom found in the best company.
Pohetohee. Is not wisdom esteem'd among you?
Morano. Yes, Sir: But only as a step to riches and power ; a step that raises ourselves, and trips up our neighbours.
Polly Honour, and honesty, are not those distinguish'd?
Morano. As incapacities and follies. How ignorant are these Indians I But indeed I think honour is of some use; it serves to swear upon.
Pohetohee. Have you no consciousness? Have you no shame?
Morano. Of being poor.
Pohetohee. How can society subsist with avarice! Ye are but the forms of men. Beasts would thrust you out of their herd upon that account, and man should cast you out for your brutal dispositions.
Morano. Alexander the great was more successful. That's all.


AIR 60 The collier has a daughter. Morano When right or wrong's decided In war or civil causes, We by success are guided To blame or give applauses. Thus men exalt ambition, In power by all commanded, But when it falls from high condition, Tyburn is well attended.
    NOT INCLUDED in Umelodica's production 
    När rätt eller orätt skal beslutas
    I krig eller av civila orsaker,
    Är det framgång som styr
    om vi beskyller eller berömmer.
    Alltså högt ramkade män
    I kraft av allas beslut,
    Men när de faller från en hög ställning,
    deltar Tyburn ordentligt.
Pohetohee. Let justice then take her course, I shall not interfere with her decrees. Mercy too obliges me to protect my country from such violences. Immediate death shall put a stop to your further mischiefs.
Morano. This sentence indeed is hard. Without the common forms of trial! Not so much as the counsel of a newgate attorney! Not to be able to lay out my money in partiality and evidence! Not a friend perjur'd for me! This is hard, very hard.
Pohetohee. Let the sentence be put in execution. Lead him to death. Let his accomplices be witnesses of it, and afterwards let them be securely guarded till farther orders.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:39 song/music= 1:54 total= 2:33

AIR 61 Mad Moll. Morano: The crimes are judg'd like fornication; While rich we are honest no doubt. Fine ladies can keep reputaion, Poor lasses alone are found out. If justice had piercing eyes, Like ourselves to look within, She'd find power and wealth a disguise That shelter the worst of our kin.
    Förbrytelser bedöms liksom boleri:
    är man rik, så är man tveklösr ärlig.
    Fina damer får behålla sitt rykte,
    Endast fattiga pigor upptäcks.
    Hade rättvisan genomskådande ögon
    som, liksom vi själva, kunde titta inuti,
    Så skulle ho upptäcka
    att makt och rikedom är en förklädnad blott
    som skyddar de som är de värsta av vårt släkte.



Pohetohee. How shall I return he obligations I owe you? Every thing in my power you may command. In making a request, you confer on me another benefit. For gratitude is oblig'd by occasions of making a return: And every occasion must be agreeable, for a grateful mind hath more pleasure in paying than receiving.
Cawwawkee My friendship too is impatient to give you proofs of it. How happy ' would you make me in allowing me to discharge that duty!


AIR 62 Prince George NOT INCLUDED in Umelodica's production. Polly All friedship is a mutual debt, The contract's inclination: Cawwawkee We never can that bond forget Of swet retaliation. Polly All day, and every day the same We are paying and still owing; Cawwawkee By turns we grant by turns we claim The pleasure of bestowing. Both By turns we grant by turns we claim The pleasure of bestowing.
Polly The pleasure of having serv'd an honourable man is a sufficient return. My misfortunes, I fear, are beyond relief.
Cawwawkee That sigh makes me suffer. If you have a want let me know it.
Pohetohee. If it is in a king's power, my power will make me happy.
Cawwawkee If you believe me a friend, you are unjust in concealing your distresses from me. You deny me the privilege of friendship; for I have a right to share them, or redress them.
Pohetohee. Can my treasures make you happy?
Polly Those who have them not think they can; those who have them know they cannot.
Pohetohee. How unlike his countrymen
Cawwawkee While you conceal one want from me, I feel every want for you. Such obstinacy to a friend is barbarity.
Polly Let not my reflection interrupt the joys of your triumph. Could I have commanded my thoughts, I would have reserv'd them for solitude
Cawwawkee Those sighs and that reservedness are symptoms of a heart in love. A pain that I am yet a stranger to.
Polly Then you have never been compleatly wretched.


AIR 63 Blithe Jockey young and gay. Polly: Can words the pain express Which absent lovers know? He only mine can guess Whose heart hath felt the woe. 'Tis doubt, suspicion, fear, Seldom hope, oft' despair; 'Tis jealousy, 'tis rage, in brief 'Tis every pang and grief.
    NOT INCLUDED in Umelodica's production.

    Kan ord uttrycka den frånskilda älskarens smärta?

    Endast han som genomlidit det samma kan gissa min.

    Är tvivel, misstanke, rädsla,
    sällan hopp, ofta förtvivlan,
    Är svartsjuka, äe raseri, är varje pina och sorg
Cawwawkee But does not love often deny itself aid and comfort, by being too obstinately secret?
Polly One cannot be too open to generosity; that is a sun, of universal benignity. In concealing ourselves from it we but deny ourselves the blessings of its influence.


AIR 64 In the fields of frost and snow. Polly NOT INCLUDED in Umelodica's production. The modest lilly, like the maid, Its pure bloom defending, Is of noxious dews afraid, Soon as even's descending. Clos'd all night, Free from blight, It preserves the native white But at morn unfolds its leaves, And the vital sun receives.
Polly Yet why should I trouble your majesty with the misfortunes of so inconsiderable a wretch as I am?
Pohetohee. A king's beneficence should be like the sun. The most humble weed should feel its influence as well as the most gaudy flower. But I have the earest concern in any thing that touches you.
Polly You see then at your feet the most unhappy of women. [Kneels. He raises her-
Cawwawkee A woman! Oh my heart!
Pohetohee. A woman!
Polly Yes, Sir, the most wretched of her sex. In love! married! abandon'd, and in despair!
Pohetohee. What brought you into these countries?
Polly To find my husband. Why had not the love of virtue directed my heart? But, alas, 'tis outward appearance alone that generally engages a woman's affections! And my heart is in the possession of the most profligate of mankind.
Pohetohee. Why this disguise?
Polly To protect me from the violences and insults to which my sex might have expos'd me. Can. Had she not been married, I might have been happy. [Aside.
Polly He ran into the madness of every vice. I detest his principles, tho' I am fond of his person to distraction. Could your commands for search and enquiry restore him to me, you reward me at once with all my wishes. For sure my love still might reclaim him.
Cawwawkee Had you conceal'd your sex, I had been happy in your friendship; but now, how uneasy, how restless is my heart!


AIR 65 Whilst I gaze on Chloe. Cawwawkee: Whilst i gaze in fond desiring, Every former thoughts is lost. Sighting, wishing and admiring, How my troubled soul is tost! Hot it thrills in every vein! Liberty and life are going, Hope can ne'er relieve my pain.
    NOT INCLUDED in Umelodica's production.

    Jag tappar varje tidigare tanke,
    Suckande, önskande, beundrande,
    rörs min bekymmrade själ.
    Hett och kallt flyter blodet,
    Frihet och liv försvinner,
    Hopp kan ej avhjälpa min smärta.
[Enter Indian. Ind. The rest of the troops, Sir, are return'd from the pursuit with more prisoners. They attend your majesty's commands.
Pohetohee. Let them be brought before us. [Ex. Ind.] Give not yourself up to despair; for every thing in my power you may command. [To Pol.
Cawwawkee And every thing in mine. But, alas, I have none; for I am not in my own!



Jenny. Spare my husband, Morano is my husband.
Pohetohee. Then I h ve reliev'd you from the society of a monster.
Jenny. Alas, Sir, there are many husbands who are furious monsters to the rest of mankind, that are the tamest creatures alive to their wives. I can be answerable for his duty and submission to your majesty, for I know I have so much power over him, that I can even make him good.
Polly Why then had you not made him so before?
Jenny. I was, indeed, like other wives, too indulgent to him, and as it was agreeable to my own humour, I was loth to baulk his ambition. I must, indeed, own too that I had the frailty of pride. But where is the woman who hath not an inclination to be as great and rich as she can be?
Pohetohee. With how much ease and unconcern these Europeans talk of vices, as if they were necessary qualifications.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:12 song/music= 0:31 total= 0:43

AIR 66 The Jamaica. Jenny: The sex we find, Like men inclin'd To guard against reproaches; And none neglect To pay rogues who keep their coaches.
    Kvinna, som man,  
    som män är benägna till,
    försäkrar sig mot vanära;
    Och inga missar
    att betala skurken som håller häst och vagn. 
Polly Indeed, Sir, I had determin'd to be honest myself, and to have made him so too, as soon as I had put myself upon a reasonable foot in the world; and that is more self-denial than is commonly practis'd.
Pohetohee. Woman, your profligate sentiments offend me; and you deserve to be cut off from society, with your husband. Mercy would be scarce excusable in pardoning you. Have done then. Morano is now under the stroke of justice.
Jenny. Let me implore your majesty to respite his sentence. Send me back again with him into slavery, from whence we escap'd. Give us an occasion of being honest, for we owe our lives and liberties to another.
Ducat. Yes, Sir, I find some of my run-away slaves among the crew; and I hope my services at least will allow me to claim my own again.
Jenny. Morano, Sir, I must confess hath been a free liver, and a man of so many gallantries, that no woman could escape him. If Macheath's misfortunes were known, the whole sex would be in tears.
Polly Macheath!
Jenny. He is so black, Sir, but under that disguise, for my sake, skreen'd himself from the claims and importunities of other women. May love intercede for him
Polly Macheath! Is it possible? Spare him, save him, I ask no other reward.
Pohetohee. Haste, let the sentence be suspended. [Exit Ind.
Pohetohee. Fly; a moment may make me miserable. Why could not I know him? All his distresses brought upon him by my hand! Cruel love, how could'st thou blind me so?

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:26 song/music= 1:33 total= 1:59

AIR 67 Tweed Side. Polly: The stag, when chas'd all the long day O'er the lawn, thro' the forest and brake; Now painting for breath and at bay, Now stemming the river or lake; When the treacherous scent is all cold, And at eve he returns to his hind, Can her joy, can her pleasure be told? Such joy and such pleasure I find.
    När hjorten har jagats hela dagen,
    genom skog och å,
    kippar efter andan och ylar
    Nu hejdar honom floden eller sjön;
    Och vittringen är kall,
    återvänder till sin hind:
    Kan då hennes glädje beskrivas?
    Sådan glädje finner jag.
Polly. But, alas, now again reflection turns fear upon my heart. His pardon may come too late, and I may never see him more.
Pohetohee. Take hence that profligate woman. Let her be kept under strict guard till my commands.
Jenny. Slavery, Sir, slavery, is all I ask. Whatever becomes of him, spare my life; spare an unfortunate woman. What can be the meaning of this sudden turn! Consider, Sir, if a husband be never so bad, a wife is bound to duty.
Pohetohee. Take her hence, I say; let my orders be obey'd. [Ex. Jenny guarded.



Polly What, no news, yet? Not yet return'd !
Cawwawkee If justice hath overtaken him, he was unworthy of you.
Polly Not yet! Oh how I fear.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:11 song/music= 1:30 total= 1:41

AIR 68 One Evening as I lay. Polly: My heart forbodes he's dead, That thought how can I bear? He's gone, for ever fled, My soul is all despair! I see him pale and cold, The noose hath stop'd his breath, Just as my dreams foretold, Oh had that sleep been death!
    Mitt hjärta anar att han är dör:
    Hur står jag ut med en sådan tanke? 
    Han är borta, för evigt flydd.
    Min själ är förtvivlad!
    Jag ser honom blek och kall,
    snaran har stoppat hans anda,
    Precis som min dröm förutspådde:
    Å, hade denna sömn varit döden!


Polly [Enter Indians.
Polly He's dead, he's dead! Their looks confess it. Your tongues have no need to give it utterance to confirm my misfortunes! I know, I see, I feel it ! Support me! 0 Macheath!
Mr.Ducat Mercy upon me! Now I look upon her nearer, bless me, it must be Polly. This woman, Sir, is my slave, and I claim her as my own. I hope, if your majesty thinks of keeping her, you will reimburse me, and not let me be a loser. She was an honest girl to be sure, and had too much virtue to thrive, for, to my knowledge, money could not tempt her.
Pohetohee. And if she is virtuous, European, dost thou think I'll act the infamous part of a ruffian, and force her? 'Tis my duty as a king to cherish and protect virtue.
Cawwawkee Justice hath reliev'd you from the society of a wicked man. If an honest heart can recompence your loss, you would make me happy in accepting mine. I hope my father will consent to my happiness.
Pohetohee. Since your love of her is founded upon the love of virtue and gratitude, I leave you to your own disposal..
Cawwawkee What, no reply?
Polly Abandon me to my sorrows. For in indulging them is my only relief.
Pohetohee. Let the chiefs have immediate execution. For the rest, let 'em be restor'd to their owners, and return to their slavery.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:13 song/music= 1:09 total= 1:22

AIR 69 Buff-coat. Cawwawkee Why that languish! Polly Oh he's dead! O he's lost for ever! Cawwawkee Cease your anguish, and forget your grif. Polly Ah never! What air, grace and stature! Cawwawkee How false in his nature! Polly To vitue my love might have won him. Cawwawkee How base and deceiving! Polly But love is believing. Cawwawkee Vice, at length, as 'tis meet, hath undone him.
Cawwawkee Varför denna klagan!
Polly     Han är död, han är evigt förlorad!
Cawwawkee Sluta med din ängslan, och glöm din ...
Polly     Nej, aldrig.
          Vilket utseende, elegans och ståtlig!
Cawwawkee Så falsk var han i sin natur!
Polly     Till dygden kunde mitt hjärta ha vunnit honom.
Cawwawkee Viket säte för tjugods.
Polly     Men kärlek är att tro.
Cawwawkee Äntligen har hans laster 
          förgjort honom.     
Cawwawkee. By your consent you might at the same time give me happiness, and procure your own. My titles, my treasures, are all at your command.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:15 song/music= 2:04 total= 2:19

NWC MIDI PDF Arr. David Kettlewell

AIR 70 An Italian Balad. Polly and all: Frail is ambition, how weak the foundation! Riches have wings as inconstant as wind; My heart is proof against either temptation, Virtue, without them, contentment can find.
    Skör är ambition, hur svag är grunden!
    Rikedom har vingar, otrogna som vind.
    Mitt hjärta står fast mot bägge frestelser,
    Dygd utan dessa, belåten kan vara.

Polly. I am charm'd, Prince, with your generosity and virtues. 'Tis only by the pursuit of those we secure real happiness. Those that know and feel virtue in themselves, must love it in others. Allow me to give a decent time to my sorrows. But my misfortunes at present interrupt the joys of victory.
Cawwawkee Fair princess, for so I hope shortly to make you, permit me to attend/ you, either to divide your griefs, or, by conversation, to soften your sorrows.
Pohetohee. 'Tis a pleasure to me by this alliance to recompence your merits.[Ex. Caw. and Pol.] Let the sports and dances then celebrate our victory. [Exit.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:25 song/music/applaudes= 6:57 total= 7:22

NWC MIDI PDF Arr. David Kettlewell

AIR 71 The temple. 1:st Indian Justice long forbearing, Power or riches never fearing, Slow, yet perservering, Hunts the villian's pace. Chorus Justice long forbearing, Power or riches never fearing, Slow, yet perservering, Hunts the villian's pace. 2:nd Indian What tongues then defend him? Or what hand will succour lend him? Even his friends attend him, To forment the chace. Chorus Justice long forbearing, Power or riches never fearing, Slow, yet perservering, Hunts the villian's pace. 3:d Indian Virtue, subdoing, Humbles in ruin All the proud wicked race. Truth, never-failing, Falsehood prevailing, Falsehood shall find disgrace. Chorus Justice long forbearing, Power or riches never fearing, Slow, yet perservering, Hunts the villian's pace.
1:st Indian Rättvisan har länge avhållt sig från rätt;
            Orädd för makt och rikedom,
            långsamt men uthålligt,
            Jagar rättvisan skurkens steg.
Chorus      Rättvisan har länge avhållt sig från rätt;
            Orädd för makt och rikedom,
            långsamt men uthålligt,
            Jagar rättvisan skurkens steg.
2:nd Indian Vilka tungor skall försvara honom?
            Vilken hand hjälpa honom?
            Även hans vänner uppvaktar honom
            för att underblåsa jakten
Chorus      Rättvisan har länge avhållt sig från rätt;
            Orädd för makt och rikedom,
            långsamt men uthålligt,
            Jagar rättvisan skurkens steg.
3:d Indian  Underkuvade,
            förödmjukar dygden
            hela denna stolta, onda, ras;
            Aldrig svikande, 
            måste sanningen övervinna,
            falskhet bringas i onåd.
Chorus      Rättvisan har länge avhållt sig från rätt;
            Orädd för makt och rikedom,
            långsamt men uthålligt,
            Jagar rättvisan skurkens steg.
Live-recording (AB-stereo) from the last performance 28 Febr. 1988 at Mimerskolans aula in Umeå. Recorded with a Hi-Fi stereo VHS recorder (JVC HR-D725E). Microphones: Primo UEC-14 (electret with cardioid characteristics). Sampling with Tascam US-122 (24bits 44.1kHz USB). Converted to MP3 with a Lame coder (128kbit/s, 44.1kHz, stereo, constant bit rate, highest quality). Digital conversion and editing: DELL Inspiron 8600 (PP02X) with Wavelab 4.0. Recording and production Göran Westling.

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