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Umelodica - a vocal ensemble created and conducted 1984-1989 by Örjan Larsson

Polly - a Ballad Opera
by John Gay from 1729 played by Umelodica and David Kettlewell in Febr. 1988.


PRELUDIUM Menuett, Jean Philippe Rameau MP3 Duration = 2:25


The View of an INDIAN Country.

POLLY in Boy's Cloaths.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:00 song/music= 0:51 total= 0:51

AIR 22 La Villanella. Polly Why did you spare him, O'er seas to bear him, Far from his home, and constant bride? When Papa 'peach'd him, If death had reach'd him, I then had only sigh'd, wept, and dy'd!
    Varför sparade du honom, 
    bara för att bära honom
    Långt från sitt hem och sin trogna brud?
    När pappa beundrade honom
    Hade döden nått honom när han angavs,
    Så hade jag endast suckat, gråtit och dött!

Polly If my directions are right, I cannot be far from the village. With the habit, I must put on the courage and resolution of a man; for I am every where surrounded with dangers. By all I can learn of these pyrates, my dear Macheath is not of the crew. Perhaps I may hear of him among the slaves of the next plantation. How sultry is the day ! the cool of this shade will refresh me. I am jaded too with reflection. How restless is love ! [Musick. Two or three bars of the dead March.] My imagination follows him every where, would my feet were as swift. The world then could not hide him from me. [Two or three bars more.] Yet even thought is now bewilder'd in pursuing him. [Two or three bars more.] I'm tir'd, I'm faint. [The Symphony.]

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:04 song/music= 2:21 total= 2:25

AIR 23 Dead March in Coriolanus. Polly Sleep, O sleep, With the rod of incantation, Charm my imagination. Then, only then, I cease to weeep. By thy power, The virgin, by time o'ertaken, For years forlorn, forsaken, Enjoys the happy hour. What's to sleep? 'Tis dreams that's past expressing; Our utmost wish possessing; So may I always keep.
    Sömn, O sömn
    Med en trollspö av besvärjelse,
    Förtrolla min fantasi.
    Då, endast då, upphör jag att gråta.
    Genom din kraft,
    Förloras med tiden oskulden
    För .... och ... år.
    Det är en skenbar välsignelse,
    Gläds åt de glada stunderna.
    Vad är det att sova?
    En dröm utöver allt uttryck,
    Som äger vår yttersta önskan:
    Så må jag evigt sova.



[Polly asleep in a distant part of the stage.
Hacker. We shall find but a cool reception from Morano, if we return without either booty or intelligence.
Culverin. A man of invention hath always intelligence ready. I hope we are not exempted from the privilege of travellers.
Capstern. If we had got booty, you know we had resolv'd to agree in a lye. And, gentlemen, we will not have our diligence and duty call'd in question for that which every common servant has at his finger's end for his justification.
Laguerre. Alack, gentlemen, we are not such bunglers in love or politicks, but we must know that either to get favour or keep it, no man ever speaks what he thinks, but what is convenient

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:16 song/music= 0:48 total= 1:04

AIR 24 Three Sheep-skins. Cutlace Of all the sins that are money-supplying; Consider the world, 'tis past denying, With all sorts, In towns or courts The richest sin is lying.
    Av alla synder som inbringar pengar,
    må världen begrunda, denna sista förnekan.
    Av alla sorts människor
    På stan eller vid hovet,
    Är det rikaste att ljuga.

Culverin. Fatigue, gentlemen, should have refreshment. No man is requir'd to do more than his duty. Let us repose our selves a-while. A sup or two of our cag would quicken invention. [They sit and drink.
All. Agreed.
Hacker. I had always a genius for ambition. Birth and education cannot keep it under. Our profession is great, brothers. What can be more heroic than to have declar'd war with the whole world ?
Culverin. 'Tis a pleasure to me to recollect times past, and to observe by what steps a genius will push his fortune.
Hacker. Now as to me, brothers, mark you me. After I had rubb'd through my youth with variety of adventures, I was prefer'd to be footman to an eminent gamester, where, after having improv'd my self by his manners and conversation, I left him, betook my self to his politer profession, and cheated like a gentleman. For some time I kept a Pharaon-Bank with success, but unluckily in a drunken bout was stript by a more expert brother of the trade. I was now, as 'tis common with us upon these occasions, fore'd to have recourse to the highway for a recruit to set me up ; but making the experiment once too often, I was try'd, and receiv'd sentence ; but got off for transportation. Which hath made me the man I am.
Laguerre. From a footman I grew to be a pimp to a man of quality. Considering I was for sometime in that employment, I look upon my self as particularly unlucky, that I then miss'd making my fortune. But, to give him his due, only his death could have prevented it. Upon this, I betook my self to another service, where my wages not being sufficient for my pleasures, I robb'd my master, and retied to visit foreign parts.
Capstern. Now, you must know, I was a drawer of one of the fashionable taverns, and of consequence was daily in the politest conversations. Tho' I say it, no body was better bred. I often cheated my master, and as a dutiful servant, now and then cheated for him. I had always my gallantries with the ladies that the lords and gentlemen brought to our house. I was ambitious too of a gentleman's profession, and turn'd gamester. Tho' I had great skill and no scruples, my play would not support my extravagancies: So that now and then I was forc'd to rob with pistols too. So I also owe my rank in the world to transportation.
Culverin. Our chief, Morano, brothers, had never been the man he is, had he not been train'd up in England. He has told me, that from his infancy he was the favourite page of a lady. He had a genius too above service, and, like us, ran into higher life. And, indeed, in manners and conversation, tho' he is black, no body has more the air of a great man.
Hacker. He is too much attach'd to his pleasures. That mistress of his is a clog to his ambition. She 's an arrant Cleopatra.
Laguerre. If it were not for her, the Indies would be our own.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:34 song/music= 0:50 total= 1:24

AIR 25 Rigadoon. Laguerre. By women won We're all undone, Each wench hath a Syren's charms. The lover's deeds Are good or ill, As whim succeeds In woman's will: Resolution is lull'd in her arms.
    Besegrade av kvinnor är vi alla tillintetgjorda;
    Varje fjälla har en Syrens charm.
    Älskarens göranden bedöms som gott eller ont 
    När infallen lyckas
    Av kvinnans nycker.
    Så vaggas beslutsamheten i hennes famn.

Hacker. A man in love is no more to be depended on than a man in liquor, for he is out of himself.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:08 song/music= 0:38 total= 0:46

AIR 26 Ton hummeur est Catharine. Hacker. Woman's like the flatt'ring ocean, Who her pathless ways can find? Every blast directs her motion Now she's angry, now she's kind. What a fool's the vent'rous lower, Whirl'd abd toss-d by every wind! Can the silly Pilot's blid?
    Kvinnan är som det gäckande havet.
    Vem kan hitta hennes stiglösa väg?
    varje vindpust ändrar hennes rörelse
    Ibland är hon arg, ibland är hon älskvärd.
    Vilken idiot är inte den .... älskare
    Kan barken hitta rätt i hamn
    när lotsen är blind?

Hacker. A good horse is never turn'd loose among mares, till all his good deeds are over. And really your heroes should be serv'd the same way; for after they take to women, they have no good deeds to come. That inviegling gipsey, brothers, must be hawl'd from him by force. And then - the kingdom of Mexico shall be mine. My lot shall be the kingdom of Mexico.
Capstern. Who talks of Mexico? [All rise.] I'll never give it up. If you outlive me, brother, and I dye without heirs, I'll leave it to you for a legacy. I hope now you are satisfy'd. I have set my heart upon it, and no body shall dispute it with me.
Laguerre. The island of Cuba, methinks, brother, might satisfy any reasonable man.
Culverin. That I had allotted for you. Mexico shall not be parted with without my consent, captain Morano to be sure will choose Peru; that 's the country of gold, and all your great men love gold. Mexico hath only silver, nothing but silver. Governor of Cartagena, brother, is a pretty snug employment. That I shall not dispute with you.
Capstern. Death, Sir, - I shall not part with Mexico so easily.
Hacker. Nor I.
Culverin. Nor I.
Laguerre. Nor I.
Culverin. Nor I.
Hacker.. Draw then, and let the survivor take it. [They fight.
Polly. Bless me, what noise was that! Clashing of swords and fighting! Which way shall I fly, how shall I escape?
Capstern. Hold, hold, gentlemen, let us decide our pretensions some other time. I see booty. A prisoner. Let us seize him.
Culverin. From him we will extort both ransom and intelligence.
Polly. Spare my life gentlemen. If you are the men I take you for, I sought you to share your fortunes.
Hacker. Why, who do you take us for, friend?
Polly. For those brave spirits, those Alexanders, that shall soon by conquest be in possession of the Indies.
Laguerre. A mettl'd young fellow.
Capstern. He speaks with respect too, and gives us our titles.
Culverin. Have you heard of captain Morano?
Polly. I came hither in meer ambition to serve under him.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:36 song/music= 0:32 total= 1:08

AIR 27 Ye nymphes and sylvan gods. Polly: I hate those cowards tribes, Who by mean sneaking brides, By tricks and disguise, By flattery and lies, To power and grandeur rise. Like heroes of old You are greatly bold, The sword tour cause supports, Untaught to fawn, You ne'er were drawn Your truth to spawn, Who practise the frauds of courts.
    Jag avskyr de 
    som uppnår makt och prakt
    med fusk och förklädnad,
    smicker och lögn.
    Når makt och storhetsvansinne
    Ni, liksom de gamla hjältar, 
    de är mycket modiga
    är tappra med svärdet,
    oberörda av smicker,
    Aldrig dragna 
    åt att krypa för de 
    som utövar hovets bedrägeri

Polly. I would willingly choose the more honourable way of making a fortune.
Hacker. The youth speaks well. Can you inform us, my lad, of the dis-position of the enemy? Have the Indians joyn'd the factory? We should advance towards 'em immediately. Who knows but they may side with us ? May-hap they may like our tyranny better.
Polly. I am a stranger, gentlemen, and entirely ignorant of the affairs of this country: But in the most desperate undertaking, I am ready to risque your fortunes.
Hacker. Who, and what are you, friend !
Polly. A young fellow, who has genteely run out his fortune with a spirit, and would now with more spirit retrieve it.
Culverin. The lad may be of service. Let us bring him before Morano, and leave him to his disposal.
Polly. Gentlemen, I thank you.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:06 song/music= 1:25 total= 1:31

AIR 28 Minuet. Culverin et al. Cheer up my lads, let push on the fray, For battles, like women , are lost by delay. Let us seize victory while in our power; Alike war and love have their critical hour. Our hearts bold and steady Should always be ready, So, think war a widow, a kingdom the dower.
    Kom igen, pojkar,: 
    För slag liksom kvinnor, förloras av dröjsmål.
    Vi tar hem segern medan vi kan.
    Krig, liksom kärlek, har sin avgörande stund:
    Våra hjärtan bultar stadigt,
    skall alltid vara redo,
    Så se i krig en änka, i hemgiften ett rike.

INTERPLAY All in the garden green, trad. folkmusic MP3 Duration = 1:05


Another Country Prospect. MORANO, JENNY.

Morano. Sure, hussy, you have more ambition and more vanity than to be serious in persuading use to quit my conquest's. Where is the woman who is not fond of title? And one bold step more, may make you a queen, you gipsy. Think of that.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:16 song/music= 0:44 total= 1:00

AIR 29 Mirleton. Morano: When I'm great, and flush of treasure, Check'd by neither fear or shame, You shall tread a round of pleasure, Morning, noon, and night the same, With a Mirleton,... Like a city wife or beauty You shall flutter life away; And shall know no other duty, But to dress, eat, drink, and play. With a Mirleton,..
    När jag blir stor, med mycken skatt,
    Utan varken fruktan eller skam,
    Får du leva nöjeslivet.
    Morgon, middag, och natten lika,
    med en Mirleton..
    Liksom en storstadsfru eller skönhet
    skall du slå ut med dina vingar
    Och inte känna till någon annan plikt
    än att klä dig, äta, dricka och spela.
    med en Mirleton..
Morano. When you are a queen, jenny, you shall keep your coach and six, and shall game as deep as you please. So, there's the two chief ends of woman's ambition satisfy'd.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:17 song/music= 0:49 total= 1:06

AIR 30 Sawny was tall, and of noble race. Morano Shall I not be bold when honour calls? You've a heart that would upbraid me then. Jenny But, ah, I fear, if my hero falls, Thy Jenny should never know pleasure again. Morano To deck their wives fond tradesman cheat; I conquer but to make thee great. Jenny But if my hero falls, - ah then, Thy Jenny shall ne'er know pleasure again!
Morano Ditt hjärta skulle klandra mig om jag svek ärans kall.
       Jag erövrar bara för att göra dig stor
Jenny  Men faller du 
       så är min livsglädje till ända
Morano För att pryda sina fruar, luras köpmännen,
       Jag slåss bara för att göra dig stor.
Jenny  Men faller du, O då så 
       är min livsglädje till ända.

Morano. Insinuating creature! but you must own Jenny, you have had convincing proofs of my fondness ; and if you were reasonable in your love, you should have some regard to my honour, as well as my person.
Jenny. Have I ever betray'd you, since you took me to your self? That's what few women can say, who ever were trusted.
Morano. In love, Jenny, you cannot out-do me. Was it not entirely for you that I disguis'd my self as a black, to skreen my self from women who laid claim to' me where-ever I went? Is not the rumour of my death, which I purposely spread, credited thro' the whole country? Macheath is dead to all the world but you. Not one of the crew have the least suspicion of me.
Jenny. But, dear captain, you would not sure persuade me that I have all of you. For tho' women cannot claim you, you now and then lay claim to other women. But my jealousy was never teazing or vexatious. You will pardon me, my dear.
Morano. Now you are silly, jenny. Pr'ythee - poh! Nature, girl, is not to be corrected at once. What do you propose ? What would you have me do ? Speak out, let me know your mind.
Jenny. Know when you are well.
Morano. Explain your self; speak your sentiments freely.
Jenny. You have a competence in your power. Rob the crew, and steal off to England. Believe me, Captain, you will be rich enough to be respected by your neighbours.
Morano. Your opinion of me startles me. For I never in my'life was treacherous but to women; and you know men of the nicest punctilio make nothing of that.
Jenny. Look round among all the snug fortunes that are made, and you will find most of 'em were secur'd by a judicious retreat. Why will you bar your self from the customs of the times?

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:36 song/music= 0:33 total= 1:09

AIR 31 Northen Nancy. Jenny: How many men have found the skill Of power and wealth acuiring? But shure there's a time to stint the will And the judgement is in retiring. For to be displac'd, For to be disgrac'd, Is the end of too high dispiring.
    Hur många har inte hittat kunskapen 
    att skaffa sig makt och rikedom?
    Men det finns en tid att hämma viljan, 
    och omdömet ligger i att dra sig tillbaka:
    Ty att avsättas, 
    att komma i onåd, 
    är änden av att sikta för högt.
[Enter Sailor.
Sailor. Sir, Lieutenant Vanderbluff wants to speak with you. And he hopes your honour will give him the hearing. [Exit.
Morano. Leave nie, Jenny, for a few minutes. Perhaps he would speak with me in private.
Jenny. Think of my advice before it is too late. By this kiss I beg it of you. [Exit.



Vanderbluff. For shame, Captain; what, hamper'd in the arms of a woman, when your honour and glory are all at stake! while a man is grappling with these gil-flirts, pardon the expression, Captain, he runs his reason a-ground; and there must be a woundy deal of labour to set it a-float again.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:21 song/music= 0:46 total= 1:07

AIR 32 Amante fuggite cadente belta. Vanderbluff: Fine women are devils, compleat in their way, They always are roving and cruising for prey, When we flounce on their hook, their views they obtain, Like those too their pleasure is giving us pain.
    Fina kvinnor är djävlar, på jakt efter rov.
    De ror och kryssar alltid efter byten
    När vi fastnar på kroken så nås deras mål
    deras nöje är vår pina.

Vanderbluff. Excuse my plain speaking, Captain; a boatswain must swear in a storm, and a man must speak plain, when he sees foul weather a-head of us.
Morano. D'you think me like the wheat-ear, only fit for sunshine, who cannot bear the least cloud over him? No Vanderbluff, I have a heart that can face a tempest of dangers. Your blust'ring will but make me obstinate. You seem frighten'd, Lieutenant.
Vanderbluff. From any body but you, that speech should have had another-guess answer than words. Death, Captain, are not the Indies in dispute? an hour's delay may make their hands too many for us. Give the word, Captain, this hand shall take the Indian King pris'ner, and keel-hawl him afterwards, 'till I make him discover his gold. I have known you eager to venture your life for a less prize:
Morano. Are Hacker, Culverin, Capstern, Laguerre and the rest, whom we sent out for intelligence, return'd, that you are under this immediate alarm ?
Vanderbluff. No, Sir.; but from the top of yon' hill, I my self saw the enemy putting themselves in order of battle.
Morano. But we have nothing at all to apprehend; for we have still a safe retreat to our ships.
Vanderbluff. To our woman, you mean. Furies! you talk like one. If our Captain is bewitch'd, shall we be be-devil'd, and lose the footing we have got? [Draws.
Morano. Take care, Lieutenant. This language may provoke me. I fear no man. I fear nothing, and that you know. Put up your cutlace, Lieutenant, for I shall not ruin our cause by a private quarrel.
Morano. A brave man should be cool till action, Lieutenant ; when danger presses us, I am always ready. Be satisfy'd, I'll take my leave of my wife, and then take the command.
Vanderbluff: That 's what you can never do till you have her leave. She is but just gone from you, Sir. See her not; hear her not ; the breath of a woman has ever prov'd a contrary wind to great actions.
Morano. I tell you I will see her. I have got rid of many a woman in my time, and you may trust me
Vanderbluff. With any woman but her. The husband that is govern'd is the only man that never finds out that he is so.
Morano. This then, Lieutenant, shall try my resolution. In the mean time, send out parties and scouts to observe the motions of the Indians.


AIR 33 Since all the world's turn'd upside down. Morano: NOT INCLUDED in Umlodica's production. Tho' different passions rage by turns, Within my breast fermenting; Now blazes love, now honour burns, I'm here, i'm there consenting. I'll each obey, so kep my oath, That oath by which I won her: With truth and steddiness in both, I'll act like a man of honour.
Morano. Doubt me not, Lieutenant. But I'll now go with you, to give the necessary commands, and after that return to take my leave before the battle.



Jenny. Hacker, Sir, and the rest of the party are return'd with a prisoner. Perhaps from him you may learn some intelligence that may be useful. See, here they are. - A clever sprightly young fellow! I like him. [Aside.
Vanderbluff. What cheer, my lads? has fortune sent you a good prize ?
Jenny. He seems some rich planter's son.
Vanderbluff. In the common practice of commerce you should never slip an opportunity, and for his ransome, no doubt, there will be room for comfortable extortion.
Morano. Hath he inform'd you of any thing that may be of service? where pick'd you him up? whence is he?
Hacker. We found him upon the road. He is a stranger it seems in these parts. And as our heroes generally set out, extravagance, gaming and debauchery have qualify'd him for a brave man.
Morano. What are you, friend?
Polly. A young fellow, who hath been robb'd by the world; and I came on purpose to join you, to rob the world by way of retaliation. An open war with the whole world is brave and honourable. I hate the clandestine pilfering war that is practis'd among friends and neighbours in civil societies. I would serve, Sir.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0.14 song/music= 1:12 total= 1:26

AIR 34 Hunt the Squirrel. Polly The world is always jarring; This is persuing T'other man's ruin, Friends with friends are warring, In a false cowardly way, Spurr'd on by emulations, Tongues are engaging, Calumny, raging Murthers reputations, Envy keeps up the fray. Thus, with burning hate, Wounds and robs his friends. In civil life, Even man and wife Squabble for selfish ends.
    Världen är alltid disharmonisk
    Det jagar efter 
    andra mäns undergång,
    Vän krigar mot vän
    på ett falskt, fegt sätt,
    eggade av tävlan
    Tungorna förmås
    Förtala i vrede
    Mördarens rykte 
    avund håller uppe irritationen,
    således med brinnande hat
    skadas och rånas hans vänner.
    I det civila livet
    kivas även man och hustru
    för själviska ändamål.

Jenny. He really is a mighty pretty man. [Aside.
Vanderbluff. The lad promises well, and has just notions of the world.
Morano. Whatever other great men do, I love to encourage merit. The youth pleases me; and if he answers in action - d'you hear me, my lad? - your fortune is made. Now Lieutenant Vanderbluff, I am for you.
Vanderbluff. Discipline must not be neglected.
Morano. When every thing is settled, my dear Jenny, I will return to take my leave. After that, young gentleman, I shall try your mettle. In the mean time, Jenny, I leave you to sift him with farther questions. He has liv'd in the world, you find, and may have learnt to be treacherous.



Jenny. How many women have you ever ruin'd, young gentleman
Polly. I have been ruin'd by women, madam. But I think indeed a man's fortune cannot be more honourably dispos'd of ; for those have always a kind of claim to their protection, who have been ruin'd in their service.
Jenny. Were you ever in love?
Polly. With the sex.
Jenny. Had you never a woman in love with you?
Polly. All the women that ever I knew were mercenary.
Jenny. But sure you cannot think all women so.
Polly. Why not as well as all men? The manners of courts are catching. If you have found only such usage, a generous woman can the more oblige you. Why so bashful, young spark You don't look as if you would revenge your self on the sex.
Polly. I lost my impudence with my fortune. Poverty keeps down assurance.
Jenny. I am a plain-spoken woman, as you may find, and I own I like you. And, let me tell you, to be my favourite may be your best step to preferment.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:12 song/music= 1:06 total= 1:18

AIR 35 Young Damon once the loveliest swain. Jenny: In love and life the present use. One hour we grant, the next refuse; Who the would risque a nay? Were lovers wise they wound by kind, And in our eyes the moment find; For only the they may.
    I kärlek och i livet, utnyttja nuet.
    I ena stunden medger vi i nästa vi förnekar.
    Vem vill då riskera ett nej?
    Om förälskade vore kloka så gnabbades dom
    Och i våra ögon fann tillfället,
    för endast då finner dom det.

Jenny. Like other women I shall run to extremes. If you won't make me love you, I shall hate you. There never was a man of true courage, who was a coward in love. Sure you are not afraid of me, stripling? [Taking Polly by the hand.
Polly. I know you only railly me. Respect, madam, keeps me in awe.
Jenny. By your expression and behaviour, one would think I were your wife. If so, I may make use of her freedoms, and do what I please without shame or restraint. [Kisses her.] Such raillery as this, my dear, requires replication.
Polly. You'll pardon me then, Madam. [Kisses her.
Jenny. What, my cheek! let me dye, if by your kiss, I should not take you for my' brother or my father.
Polly. I must put on more assurance, or I shall be discover'd. [Aside.] Nay then, Madam, if a woman will allow me liberties, they are never flung away upon me. If I am too rude - [Kisses her.
Jenny. A woman never pardons the contrary fault.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:16 song/music= 0:44 total= 1:00

AIR 36 Cathrine Ogye. Jenny We never blame the forward swain, Who puts us to the tryal. Polly I know you first would give me pain, Then baulk me with denial. Jenny What mean we then by being try'd? Polly With scorn and slight to use us. Most beauties, to indulge their pride, Seem kind but to refuse us.
Jenny Vi anklagar aldrig den fräcka karl
      som sätter oss på hårda prov.
Polly Jag vet att Ni först vill ge mig pina,
      och sedan bara överge mig med förnekelse.
Jenny Vad menar du med att bli satt på prov?
Polly Att utnyttja oss med förakt och liknande,
      De flesta skönheter, För att tillfredställa sin högfärd,
      tycks vänliga men tillbakavisar oss.

Jenny. Come then, my dear, let us take a turn in yonder grove. A woman never shows her pride but before witnesses.
Polly. How shall I get rid of this affair? [Aside.] Morano may surprize us.
Jenny. That is more a wife's concern. Consider, young man, if I have put my self in your power, you are in mine.
Polly. We may have more easy and safe opportunities. Besides, I know, Madam, you are not serious.
Jenny. To a man who loses one opportunity, we never grant a second. Excuses! consideration! he hath not a spark of love in him. I must be his aversion! go, monster, I hate you, and you shall find I can be reveng'd.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:32 song/music= 0:34 total= 1:06

AIR 37 Roger a Coverly. Jenny My heart is by love forsaken, I feel the tempest growing. A fury the place hath taken, I rage, I burn, I'm glowing, Or indifference may secure ye, When woman's revenge is stirring, You cannot escape that fury.
    Mitt hjärta är övergivet av kärlek,
    Jag känner stormen växa.
    Raseriet har infunnit sig.
    Jag rasar, jag brinner, jag glöder,
    Annars må likgiltighet skydda dig,
    När kvinnors hämnd drabbar dig,
    kan du inte undfly ursinnet.
Jenny. I could bear your excuses, but those looks of indifference kill me.



Jenny. Sure never was such insolence! how could you leave me with this bawdy-house bully? for if he had been bred a page, he must have made his fortune. If I had given him the least encouragement, it would not have provok'd me. Odious creature!
Morano. What-a-vengeance is the matter?
Jenny. Only an attempt upon your wife. So ripe an assurance! he must have suck'd in impudence from his mother.
Morano. An act of friendship only. He meant to push his fortune with the husband. 'Tis the way of the town, my dear.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:20 song/music= 0:33 total= 0:53

AIR 38 Baccus m'a dit. Morano By halves no friend Now seeks to do they pleasure. Their help they lend In every part of life; If husbands party, The friends hath always leisure; Then all his heart Is bent to please the wife.
    söker nu ingen vän behaga,
    De hjälper och lånar
    I livets alla tillfällen:
    När mannen är borta 
    har hans vän alltid frihet
    att med hela hjärtat 
    behaga frun.

Jenny. I hate you for being so little jealous.
Morano. Sure, Jenny, you know the way of the world better, than to be surpriz'd at a thing of this kind. 'Tis a civility that all you fine ladies expect; and, upon the like occasion, I could not have answer'd for my self. I own, I have a sort of partiality to impudence. Perhaps too, his views might be honourable. If I had been kill'd in battle, 'tis good to be beforehand. You know 'tis a way often practis'd to make sure of a widow.
Jenny. If I find you so easy in these affairs, you may make my vertue less obstinate.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:22 song/music= 0:33 total= 0:55

AIR 39 Health to Betty. Jenny If husbands sit unsteady, Most wives for freaks are ready. Neglect the rein The stead again Grows skittish, wild and heady.
    Sitter männen ostadigt, 
    så är fruar redo att leka.
    Släpp tygeln och märren blir 
    lättsinnig, vild och envis.

Jenny. Your behaviour forces me to say, what my love for you will never let me put in practice. You are too safe, too secure, to think of pleasing me.
Morano. Tho' I like impudence, yet 'tis not so agreeable when put in practice upon my own wife: and jesting apart, young fellow, if I ever catch you thinking this way again, a cat-o'-nine-tails shall cool your courage.



Vanderbluff. The party, captain, is return'd with success. After a short skirmish, the Indian prince Cawwawkee here was made prisoner, and we want your orders for his disposal.
Morano. Are all our troops ready and under arms?
Vanderbluff. They wait but for your command. Our numbers are strong. All the ships crews are drawn out, and the slaves that have deserted to us from the plantations are all brave determin'd fellows, who must behave themselves well.
Morano. Look'e lieutenant, the trussing up this prince, in my opinion, would strike a terror among the enemy. Besides, dead men can do no mischief. Let a gibbet be set up, and swing him off between the armies before the onset.
Vanderbluff. By your leave, captain, my advice blows directly contrary. What-ever may be done hereafter, I am for putting him first of all upon examination. The Indians to be sure have hid their treasures, and we shall want a guide to show us the best plunder.
Morano. The counsel is good. I will extort intelligence from him. Bring me word when the enemy are in motion, and that instant I'll put myself at your head. [Exit Sailor.] Do you know me, prince?
Cawwawkee As a man of injustice I know you, who covets and invades the properties of another.
Morano. Do you know my power?
Cawwawkee. I fear it not.
Morano. Do you know your danger?
Cawwawkee I am prepar'd to meet it

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:24 song/music= 0:45 total= 1:09

AIR 40 Cappe de bonne Esperance. Cawwawkee: The body brave may be taken, If chance bring on our adverse hour; But the noble soul is unshaken, For that still is in our power; 'Tis a rock whose firm foundation; Mocks the waves of perturbation; 'Tis a never-dying ray, Brighter in our evil Day.
    Den modiges kropp kan fångas
    om möjligt tag bort vår ogynnsamma timme;
    Men den ädles sjär är oskadad,
    Förblir inom vår makt;
    Detta hälleberg, 
    trotsar jordbävningar
    vars eviga ljus-stråle
    Lyser upp under en ond dag.

Morano. Meer downright Barbarians, you see lieutenant. They have our notional honour still in practice among 'em.
Vanderbluff. We must beat civilizing into 'em, to make 'em capable of common society, and common conversation.
Morano. Stubborn prince, mark me well. Knew you, I say, that your life is in my power?
Cawwawkee I know too, that my virtue is in my own.
Morano. Not a mule, or an old out-of-fashion'd philosopher could be more obstinate. Can you feel pain?
Cawwawkee I can bear it.
Morano. I shall try you.
Cawwawkee I speak truth, I never affirm but what I know.
Morano. In what condition are your troops? What numbers have you? How are they dispos'd? Act reasonably and openly, and you shall find protection.
Cawwawkee What, betray my friends! I am no coward, European.
Morano. Torture shall make you squeak.
Cawwawkee I have resolution; and pain shall neither make me lie or betray. I tell thee once more European, I am no coward.
Vanderbluff. What, neither cheat nor be cheated! There is no having either commerce or correspondence with these creatures.
Jenny. We have reason to be thankful for our good education. How ignorant is mankind without it !
Capstern. I wonder to hear the brute speak.
Laguerre. They would make a shew of him in England. Ten. Poh, they would only take him for a fool.
Capstern. But how can you expect any thing else from a creature, who hath never seen a civiliz'd country? Which way should he know mankind?
Jenny. Since they are made like us, to be sure, were they in England they might be taught.
Laguerre. Why we see country gentlemen grow into courtiers, and country gentlewomen, with a little polishing of the town, in a few months become fine ladies.
Jenny. Without doubt, education and example can do much.
Polly How happy are these savages! Who would not wish to be in such ignorance. [A side.
Morano. Have done, I beg you, with your musty reflections: You but interrupt the examination. You have treasures, you have gold and silver among you, I suppose.
Cawwawkee Better it had been for us if that shining earth had never been brought to light.
Morano. That you have treasures then you own, it seems. I am glad to hear you confess something.
Cawwawkee But out of benevolence we ought to hide it from you. For, as we have heard, 'tis so rank a poison to you Europeans, that the very touch of it maltes you mad.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:20 song/music= 0:33 total= 0:53

AIR 41 When bright Aurelia tripp'd the plain. Cawwawkee: For gold you sacrifice your fame, Your honour, life and friend: You war, you fawn, you lie, you game, And plunder without fear or shame; Can madness this trancend?
    För guld offrar ni ert anseende,
    er heder, liv och vän.
    Ert krig, ert fjäsk, er lögn, ert spel
    Och plundrar utan rädsla eller skam:
    Kan vansinne överträffa detta?

Morano. Bold savage, we are not to be insulted with your ignorance. If you would save your lives, you must, like the beaver, leave behind you what we hunt you for, or we shall not quit the chase. Discover your treasures, your hoards, for I will have the ransacking of 'em.
Jenny. By his seeming to set some value upon gold, one would think that he had some glimmering of sense.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:16 song/music= 1:45 total= 2:01

AIR 42 Peggy's Mill. Jenny and all: When gold is in hand, It gives us command; It makes us lov'd and respected. 'Tis now, as of yore, Wit and sense, when poor, Are scorn'd, o'erlook'd and neglected. Tho' peevish and old, They have youth, good-humour and beauty: Among all mankind, Without it we find Nor love, nor favour nor duty.
    Med guld i handen 
    ges oss bestämmande,
    Det gör oss älskade och högaktade.
    Nu, som alltid,
    Vett och förnuft, när man är fattig,
    Försummas hånas och föraktas.
    Fast vresig och gammal,
    har de ungdom, god humor och skönhet:
    I hela mänskligheten 
    Utan det finner vi 
    varken kärlek, favörer eller plikter.
Morano. I will have no more of these interruptions. Since women will be always talking, one would think they had a chance now and then to talk in season. Once more I ask you, obstinate, audacious savage, if I. grant you your life, will you be useful to us? For you shall find mercy upon no other terms. I will have immediate compliance, or you shall undergo the torture.
Cawwawkee With dishonour life is nothing worth.
Morano. Furies! I'll trifle no longer.
RECITATIVE. Sia suggetta la plebe in Coriolan.
Hence let him feel his sentence. Pain brings repentance.
Laguerre. You would not have us put him to death, captain?
Morano. Torture him leisurely, but severely. I shall stagger your resolution, Indian.
Hence let him feel his sentence. Pain brings repentance. But hold, I'll see him tortur'd. I will have the pleasure of extorting answers from him myself. So keep him safe till you have my directions.
Laguerre. It shall be done.
Morano. As for you, young gentleman, I think it not proper to trust you till I know you farther. Let him be your prisoner too till I give order how to dispose of him. [Exeunt Caw. and Polly guarded.


Vanderbluff. Come, noble captain, take one hearty smack upon her lips, and then steer off ; for one kiss requires another, and you will never have done with her. If once a man and woman come to grappling, there's no hawling of 'em asunder. Our friends expect us.
Jenny. Nay, lieutenant Vanderbluff, he shall not go yet.
Vanderbluff. I'm out of all patience. There is a time for all things, Madam. But a woman thinks all times must be subservient to her whim and humour. We should be now upon the spot.
Jenny. Is the captain under your command, lieutenant?
Vanderbluff. I know women better than so. I shall never dispute the command with any gentleman's wife. Come captain, a woman will never take the last kiss; she will always want another. Break from her clutches.
Morano. I must go - But I cannot.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:32 song/music= 1:01 total= 1:33

AIR 43 Excuse me. Morano Honour calls me from thy arms, With glory my bosom is beating. Victory summons to arms: the to arms Let us haste, for we're sure of defeating. One look more - and then - [To her. Oh, I am lost again! What a power has beauty! But honour calls, and I must away. [To him But love forbids, and i must obey. [To her. You grow to bold; [Vanderbluff pulling him away. Hence loose your hold, [To him For love claims all my duty. [To her.
    Heder kallar mig till din famn,
    Med ära slår min barm.
    Seger ropar till vapen:
    Låt oss hasta, vi kan bara segra.
    En blick till - och då -
    Å, jag är återigen förlorad!
    Vilken makt har int6e skönhet!
    Men hedern kallar, och jag måste iväg.
    Men kärlek förbjuder, jag måste lyda.
    Du är för fråck:
    Bort, släpp taget om mig,
    Ty kärlek kräver all min plikt.

Morano. They will bring us word when the enemy is in motion. I know my own time, lieutenant.
Vanderbluff. Lose the Indies then, with all my heart. Lose the money, and you lose the woman, that I can tell you, captain. Furies, what would the woman be at l
Jenny. Not so hasty and choleric, I beg you, lieutenant. Give me the hearing, and perhaps, whatever you may think of us, you may once in your life hear a woman speak reason.
Vanderbluff. Dispatch then. And if a few words can satisfy you, be brief.
Jenny. Men only slight women's advice thro' an overconceit of their own opinions. I am against hazarding a battle. Why should we put what we have already got to the risque? We have money enough on board our ships to secure our persons, and can reserve a comfortable subsistance besides. Let us leave the Indies to our comrades.
Vanderbluff. Sure you are the first of the sex that ever stinted herself in love or money. If it were consistent with our honour, her counsel were worth listening to.
Jenny. Consistent with our honour! For shame, lieutenant; you talk downright Indian. One would take you for the savage's brother or cousin-germ an at least. You may talk of honour, as other great men do: But when interest comes in your way, you should do as other great men do.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:28 song/music= 1:00 total= 1:28

AIR 44 Ruben. Jenny: Honour plays a bubble's part, Ever bil'd and cheated; Never in ambition's heart, Int'rest there is seated. Honour was in use of yore, Tho' by want attended: Since 'twas talk'd of, and no mor; Lord, how times are mended!
    Hedern är en luftblåsa,
    alltid hindrad och lurad;
    Aldrig i ambitiösa hjärtan 
    - där sitter intressen.
    Fordom användes heder, 
    fast beledsagad av nöd;
    Sedan talas det ej om den mer -
    Gud vad tiderna förbättrats!

Vanderbluff. What think you of her proposal, noble captain? We may push matters too far.
Jenny. Consider, my dear, the Indies are only treasures in expectation. All your sensible men, now a days, love the ready. Let us seize the ships then, and away for England, while we have the opportunity.
Vanderbluff. Sure you can have no scruple against treachery, captain. 'Tis as common a money-getting vice as any in fashion; for who now-a-days ever boggles at giving up his crew?
Morano. But the baulking of a great design
Vanderbluff. 'Tis better baulking our own designs, than have 'em baulk'd by others; for then our designs and our lives will be cut short together.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:23 song/music= 0:46 total= 1:09

AIR 45 Troy Town. Vanderbluff: When ambition's ten years toils Have heap'd up mighty hoards of gold; Amid the harvest of spoils, Acquir'd by fraud and rapin bold, Comes justice. The great scheme is crost, At once wealth, life, and fame, are lost.
    När ambitionens tioårsmöda 
    har samlat stora högar guld;
    Mitt uppe i bytesskörden, 
    skaffat genom bedrägeri och rån,
    Kommer rättvisan: den stora planen krossas,
    I ett går rikedom, liv och berömmelse förlorade.

Vanderbluff. This is a melancholy reflection for ambition, if it ever could think reasonably.
Morano. If you are satisfy'd, and for your security, Jenny. For any man may allow that he has money enough, when he hath enough to satisfy his wife.
Vanderbluff. We may make our retreat without suspicion, for they will readily impute our being mist to the accidents of war.



Sail. There is just now news arriv'd, that the troops of the plantation have intercepted the passage to our ships; so that victory is our only hope. The Indian forces too are ready to march, and ours grow impatient for your presence, noble captain.
Morano. I'll be with 'em. Come then, lieutenant, for death or the world.
Jenny. Nay then, if affairs are desperate, nothing shall part me from you. I'll share your dangers.
Morano. Since I must have an empire, prepare yourself, Jenny, for the cares of royalty. Let us on to battle, to victory. Hark the trumpet. [Trumpet sounds.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:22 song/music= 0:32 total= 0:54

AIR 46 We've cheated the Parson Morano, Jenny, Vanderbluff, Sailor Despair leads to battle, no courage so great. They must conquer or die who've no retreat. No retreat. No retreat. They must conquer or die who've no retreat.
    Förtvivlan leder os till strid,  inget mod så stort.
    Det måste segra eller dö som inte har någon reträtt.
    Ingen reträtt.
    Ingen reträtt.
    De t måste segra eller dö som inte har någon reträtt.

INTERPLAY Sarabande grave, Francois Couperin MP3 Duration = 1:44


A room of a poor cottage.


Polly. Unfortunate prince! I cannot blame your disbelief, when I tell you that I admire your virtues, and share in your misfortunes.
Cawwawkee To be oppress'd by an European implies merit. Yet you are an European. Are you fools ? Do you believe one another? Sure speech can be of no use among you.
Polly There are constitutions that can resist a pestilence.
Cawwawkee But sure vice must be inherent in such constitutions. You are asham'd of your hearts, you can lie. How can you bear to look into yourselves?
Pol. My sincerity could even bear your examination.
Cawwawkee You have cancell'd faith. How can I believe you? You are cowards too, for you are cruel.
Polly Would it were in my power to give you proofs of my compassion.
Cawwawkee You can be avaritious. That is a complication of all vices. It comprehends them all. Heaven guard our country from the infection.
Polly Yet the worst men allow virtue to be amiable, or there would be no hypocrites.
Cawwawkee Have you then hypocrisy still among you? For all that I have experienc'd of your manners is open violence, and barefac'd injustice. Who that had ever felt the satisfaction of virtue would ever part with it?

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:33 song/music= 3:24 total= 3:57

AIR 47 T'amo tanto. Cawwawkee Virtue's treasure Is a pleasure, Cheerful even amid distres; Nor pain nor crosses, Nor grief nor losses, Nor death itself can make it less: Here relying, Suff'ring, dying, Honest souls find all redress. Polly My heart feels your sentiments, and my tongue longs to join in 'em. Cawwawkee Vitue is treasure Is pleasure, Polly Cheerful even amid distress; Cawwawkee Nor pain nor crosses, Polly Nor grief nor losses, Cawwawkee Nor death itself can make it less: Polly Here relying, Cawwawkee Suff'ring, dying, Polly Honest souls find all redress.
Cawwawkee Dygens skatt
          är ett nöje;
          Varken smärta, lidande, 
          sorg eller förlust,
          Ej döden själv
          Kan göra den mindre.
          Här förlita sig på,
          Lida, dö.
          Ärliga själar finner all bot.

Polly     Mitt hjärta känner Era förnimmelser,
          och min tunga längtar efter att förenas med dem.

Cawwawkee Dygens skatt
          är ett nöje;
Polly     Varken smärta, lidande, 
Cawwawkee sorg eller förlust,
Polly     Ej döden själv
Cawwawkee Kan göra den mindre.
Polly     Här förlita sig på,
Cawwawkee Lida, dö.
Polly     Ärliga själar finner all bot.

Polly My heart feels your sentiments, and my tongue longs to join in 'em. Caw. Virtue's treasure Is a pleasure,
Polly Cheerful even amid distress ; Caw. Nor pain nor crosses,
Polly Nor grief nor losses, Caw. Nor death itself can make it less.
Polly Here relying, Caw. Suff'ring, dying,
Polly Honest souls find all redress.
Cawwawkee Having this, I want no other consolation. I am prepar'd for all misfortune.
Polly Had you means of escape, you could not refuse it. To preserve your life is your duty.
Cawwawkee By dishonest means, I scorn it.
Polly But stratagem is allow'd in war; and 'tis lawful to use all the weapons employ'd against you. You may save your friends from affliction, and be the instrument of rescuing your country.
Cawwawkee Those are powerful inducements. I seek not voluntarily to resign my life. While it lasts, I would do my duty. Pol I'll talk with our guard. What induces them to rapin and murther, will induce 'em to betray. You may offer them what they want, and from no hands, upon no terms, corruption can resist the temptation.
Cawwawkee I have no skill. Those who are corrupt themselves know how to corrupt others. You may do as you please. But whatever you promise for me, contrary to the European custom, I will perform. For tho' a knave may break his word with a knave, an honest tongue knows no such distinctions.
Polly Gentlemen, I desire some conference with you, that may be for your advantage.



Polly Know you that you have the Indian prince in your custody?
Laguerre. Full well.
Polly Know you the treasures that are in his power?
Laguerre. I know too that they shall soon be ours.
Polly In having him in your possession they are yours.
Laguerre. As how, friend?
Polly He might well reward you.
Laguerre. For what?
Polly For his liberty.
Cawwawkee Yes, European, I can and will reward you.
Capstern. He's a great man, and I trust no such promises.
Cawwawkee I have said it, European: And an Indian's heart is always answerable for his words.
Polly Think of the chance of war, gentlemen. Conquest is not so sure when you fight against those who fight for their liberties.
Laguerre. What think you of the proposal?
Capstern. The prince can give us places; he can make us all great men. Such a prospect I can tell you, Laguerre, would tempt our betters.
Laguerre. Besides, if we are beaten, we have no retreat to our ships.
Capstern. If we gain our ends what matter how we come by it?
Laguerre. Every man for himself, say I. There is no being even with mankind, without that universal maxim. Consider, brother, we run no risque.
Capstern. Nay, I have no objections.
Laguerre. If we conquer'd, and the booty were to be divided among the crews, what would it amount to? Perhaps this way we might get more than would come to our shares.
Capstern. Then too, I always lik'd a place at court. I have a genius to get, keep it, and make the most of an employment.
Laguerre. You will consider, prince, our own politicians would have rewarded such meritorious services: 'We'll go off with you.
Capstern. We want only to be known to be employ'd. Lag: Let us unbind him then.
Polly 'Tis thus one able politician outwits another; and we admire their wisdom. You may rely upon the prince's word as much as if he was a poor man.
Capstern. Our fortunes then are made.

NWC MIDI PDF MP3 DURATION: talk= 0:28 song/music= 0:38 total= 1:06

AIR 48 Down in the meadow. Polly: The sportman keep hawks, and their quarry they gain; Thus the woodcock, the patridge, the pleasant is slain. What care and expence for their hounds are emply'd! Thus the fox, and the hare, and the stag are destroy'd. The spaniel they cherish, whose flattering way Can as well as their masters cringe, fawn and betray. Thus stanch politicians, look all the world round, Love the men who can serve as hawk, spaniel or hound.
    Jägarna håller sina falkar,
    och så dör rapphönan, fasanen och tjädern.
    Sina jakthundar sköter de,
    därav rävens, harens och hindens förintelse.
    Spanieln omhuldar de, som liksom sin husbonde
    kan krypa, smickra och förråda.
    Således älskar politiker, se runt om i hela världen,
    de män som tjänstgör som falk, spaniel eller hund.
Live-recording (AB-stereo) from the last performance 28 Febr. 1988 at Mimerskolans aula in Umeå. Recorded with a Hi-Fi stereo VHS recorder (JVC HR-D725E). Microphones: Primo UEC-14 (electret with cardioid characteristics). Sampling with Tascam US-122 (24bits 44.1kHz USB). Converted to MP3 with a Lame coder (128kbit/s, 44.1kHz, stereo, constant bit rate, highest quality). Digital conversion and editing: DELL Inspiron 8600 (PP02X) with Wavelab 4.0. Recording and production Göran Westling.

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