Earth Sciences, Geology and Geophysics in Sweden

Department of Geology   Chalmers University of Technology
Department of Earth Sciences  
Göteborg University
Department of Geodesy &
Photogrammetry   KTH ( Royal Institute of Technology )
Department of Land and Water Resources Engineering  
KTH ( Royal Institute of Technology )
Department of Environmental Engineering  
Luleå University
Research at the Department of CEE  
Luleå University
Department of Geology  
Lund University
Department of Geotechnology  
Lund University
Earth and Environmental Sciences  
Stockholm University
Department of Physical Geography  
Umeå University
Department of Earth Sciences  
Uppsala University

Research departments and Databases  
at the Swedish Museum of Natural History
The Swedish Geotechnical Institute
The Geological Survey of Sweden
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences  
( Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien )
The Swedish National Committee for Geology  
The GEORANGE project
in Malå   (Västerbotten Sweden)

Science/Earth Sciences   (SUNET   Index of Swedish WWW Resources )
Science/Marine/Geology   (SUNET)
Science/Geomechanics   (SUNET)
Science/Geography   (SUNET)

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