Location of the 15 Municipalites/Township and the Rivers in the County of Västerbotten.   ( Västerbotten, one of 24 counties in Sweden.   Where on Earth is Sweden ? ...... or more developed )

Municipalites 11 Salmon rivers
11 Salmon Rivers again Rivers 32K

Image sources :
The Scandinavian map is from Sevärd Natur & Kultur i Västerbotten   (in swedish)
The yellow map (15 Municipalites/Township) is from Fiske i Västerbottens län   (in swedish)
The green map (11 Salmon rivers) is from Lax- och havsöringälvarna   (in swedish)
The transparent map (Blue letter, the 11 Salmon Rivers in the County of Västerbotten) is from Älvar i Västerbotten   (in swedish)
The grey map is maybye superflous now but I like it. (Nostalgia, my first scanned picture 1994 ;-)

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