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A word about winter ice-fishing

Artic Char In the wintertime Västerbotten´s waters are covered by ice. Does sport fishing stop ? Not at all ! The same kind of fish as during the summer can be caught, it is only the method of fishing that changes.

During the winter months the Arctic char is one of the most sought-after fish. It is caught principally in the mountain region where thousands of lakes, large and small, harbour this powerful and red-tinted fish.

A hole is drilled through the ice for the angler to pass his bait through. In general the angler will then lie on his/her stomach on the ice, on a reindeer skin, and look through the hole whilst he/she is fishing. The mountain water is crystal clear and both bait and fish can be seen perfectly - an exciting experience !

Grayling and Whitefish are two other popular winter fish. They can be caught with much the same technique as the Arctic char, but their home is only in the mountains but also throughout Västerbotten´s forest waters down to the coast. In fact, among the most important of the fishing grounds for Grayling and Whitefish is along the coastline itself, where many - and big - specimens can be caught.

Bright lures

In Arctic char fishing, big colourful lures should be used, with the hook preferably baited with worms or larvae.

The Grayling and Whitefish, on the other hand, enjoy daintier bait, often very small in size, and unremarkable as to shape and colour. Some baits consist in practice only of a shiny hook either with a little hook attached or wound with copper wire.

Both Whitefish and Grayling are often found in very shallow waters. The depth of water under the ice can sometimes be only a few decimetres. Talk about fishing at close hand !

Night-fishing for Burbot

Burbot When night begins to fall in these parts, it doesn´t mean you have to stop fishing. It´s just time for a different kind of fishing : ice-fishing for Burbot.

The Burbot is found in most Västerbotten, running and still waters. It is caught in great numbers in a variety of locations, not least during the breeding season in January and February, when the Burbot gathers in its special breeding grounds.

A powerful reel, a strong line and a big hook set with a fish-fillet bait is, curiously, all you will need in the way of fishing tackle.

The Burbot is a notable bottom-fish and the bait should therefore be allowed to drop to the river bed. A little tug or two on the line from time to time is recommended, to improve your chances of catching the burbot´s attention.

Source : Sport-fishing   (Retouch Lennart Widmark)
Publisher : The County Administration of Västerbotten
Production : Per Sigvardsson
Photo : Gösta Laestander   (The ice-fisherman)
Photo : Janne Olsson   (The Burbot)

Fishing in Summer

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