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Grayling and Trout in the Vindel River   english

Appeal Europe´s biggest nature reserve is located in Västerbotten, the Vindel Mountains Nature Reserve. This huge area where the Vindel River (Vindelälven), among many other rivers has its springs, is one of Europe´s few undisturbed and unpolluted rivers with Grayling and Sea Trout.

The fish are a precious resource and are found not only in the reserve but also along the whole length of the river, right down to the coastline. In these notes about the Vindel River and its tributarys we will concentrate on the Sorsele district which lies in the forest just below the mountainous area.

Few if any places in Sweden can offer such varied opportunites for fishing as Sorsele. Not the least attraction is the wealth of Salmon in all denominations.

A world of streams

The busy community of Sorsele lies alongside the Vindel River, built partly on a large eyot in the middle of the river. In the slow parts of the river, close to Sorsele the Pike is the challenger. Four kilometres to the west are the turbulent Stensund rapids (Stensundsforsarna), surely one of Sweden´s richest fishing grounds.

Here, the Grayling is king, and it is expected to enjoy ever greater numbers. Sea Trout are here, too, and at certain times the fly-fisher may tempt the gentle mouthed Arctic Whitefish on one of its regular incursions into the mountain streams.

Down the river from Sorsele, within an hour by car, there are some ten impressive rapids. Salmon may occasionally be found here, as an extra attraction, but first and foremost comes the chance to join in contest with the fully grown Sea Trout, which has feed to its full on young whitefish.

The Lais River - a pearl of a river

For those who wish to experience a somewhat less rapid water, the lovely Lais River (Laisälven) is just round the corner. It feeds into the Vindel River, connecting just a few kilometres upstream from Sorsele.

At this point there is a long succession of small rapids beginning with the Bräska rapid (Bräskaforsen). Part of this area can be reached wearing everyday footwear.


In the upper region of the Vindel River on the edge of the Vindel Mountains Reserve, the heart of Lapland, we have Ammarnäs, a genuine mountain village close related to the pure culture. It is possible to travel by aeroplane, out to the wild country, if you wish.

At the head of the river, upstream Ammarnäs, the Trout predominates, but there are also lake-like stretches downstream Ammarnäs of calm water where Alpine char abounds, such as the Gauts lake (Gauts träsk).

For those who like fishing in flowing but quieter waters there are many options near by Ammarnäs, from little brooks to medium-sized streams. In the aera of Ammarnäs the famous Ammarnäs trout rules. See more about this big trout at FishingCenter Ammarnäs

Grayling and Trout are to be found there, and on some stretches only fly-fishing is permitted. There exist also hundreds of lakes and steep-backed mountain tarn/pools. Most have an indigenous fish population, Arctic Charr and Brown Trout.

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Source : Sport-fishing (Retouch Lennart Widmark)
Publisher : The County Administration of Västerbotten
Production : Per Sigvardsson
Photo : Gösta Laestander

Fishing on Ice

Here you can find nice tributaries in Vindelälven f ex Giertsbäcken at Grannäs, between Sorsele and Ammarnäs. (nice photos)

Mårdselforsen impressive river landscape in Vindelälven

And finally, Welcome to The Vindel River Valley

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