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(January 5, 2007)

Welcome to EUR FLYFISH

    The object of EUR-FLYFISH@ is to provide a forum for the discussion of all aspects of flyfishing in European waters.

    Iīm afraid there have to be a few rules to ensure the smooth running of the discussion list, keep my work load down to a minimum and keep my sysadmin happy.

    1. This list is about the sport of flyfishing. This is a pretty broad remit and Iīm not even going to try and draw up a list of what is and what is not fair game for discussion. Thatīs up to you.

    2. The overall discussion should be orientated on Europe, in its widest sense Including Scandinavia, but that shouldnīt prevent someone asking for advice about brown trout in New Zealand, nor should it prevent someone telling us about their trip fishing for steelhead in Washington State.

    3. Commercialism is definitely out but that should not prevent someone selling some surplus tackle or books.

    4. Chain letters and spams are also definitely out. That was one of the conditions laid down by my sysadmin. To help prevent these I have set up the list so that non-members can not post messages. Some may find this a touch limiting. Tough.

    5. The intention is to promote an open, friendly and lively discussion but please remember that list members come from different backgrounds and do not necesserily share your values or even your culture. Tolerance of other peopleīs views has to be the number one priority. Accept the fact that you may not actually be right.

    6. Discussions on the list should take place in English because it is likely that this will be the most commonly shared language among members.

    Welcome to the discussion list for European flyfishers !

    Jan Rozema

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Further information about EUR-FLYFISH@ etc. please visit Jan Rozemas

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