Albedo RPG

Albedo RPG and its associated tables are Copyright 1993, Steve Gallacci and Paul Kidd, Thoughts & Images. It is manufactured by Chessex manufacturing.

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Louis Fillion has made some pages for his Albedo pbm and kindly given his permission to let these pages be added here
New equipment

The Albedo RPG character sheet

Albedo RPG character generator, v1.3.0

Original program by Hubert Bartels, HTML version by Ola Ågren.

The actual source code is available here as shell archives: Part 1 and Part 2.

Postscript version of last generated character.

Player character Non-Player character
Career: Number:
Random Crow Duck Raven
Parrot Penguin Eagle Hawk
Heron Ostrich Emu Small Dog
Coyote Dog Large Dog Wolf
Fox Fennec Cat Cougar
Leopard Puma Jaguar Lynx
Lion Tiger Platypus Possum
Kangaroo Ferret Otter Stoat
Skunk Weasel Mouse Rat
Gopher Hedgehog Chipmunk Squirrel
Rabbit Camel Cow Horse
Goat Deer Sheep Pig
Rhino Raccoon Bear

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