Mozilla webbläsare

För att slippa pop up fönster

Antar att du också störs av att det dyker upp nya fönster när du besöker i och för sig intressanta fiskesidor.

Mitt tips är att du laddar hem Mozilla 1.0 eller senare från

När du installerat den går du via webbläsarens Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Scripts & Windows - och kryssar bort "Open unrequested windows"

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Mozilla browser

To get rid of pop up windows

I suppose that you also are deadly tired of closing windows you not asked for when visiting otherwise interesting fishing pages.

My tip is that you download Mozilla 1.0 or later from

When installed the browser go to Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Scripts & Windows - and disable "Open unrequested windows"

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Now you can download the Mozilla 1.3 from The tip above about avoiding popups is in version 1.3 no longer an option. Instead. Under the button "Tools" in the menu bar on top on your screen in 1.3 you will find the choice: "Popup Manager". There you can decide from which Sites you wish to suppress annoying unrequested advertising windows.
Thus an improvement, sometimes pop-ups is needed for example when log in on a site that use a pop-up window for that purpose.
The wait is over. Get the Mozilla Firefox web browser, faster, more safe and more efficient than any other browser ! (Handle spyware, Popup Blocking, Tabbed Browsing etc. etc.)