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-Arenateatern 2000-10-22
-Arenateatern 2000-12-13
-Mimerskolan 2000-12-16
-Nordmaling 2001-03-03
-Mariakyrkan 2001-04-08
-Bjurholm 2001-05-26
-Lycksele kyrka 2001-05-27
-Vasakyrkan 2001-05-29
-Arenateatern 2001-10-21
-Nordmaling 2001-10-28
-Hotel Björken 2001-12-15
-Mimerskolan 2001-12-16
-Arenateatern 2002-03-24
-Nordmaling 2002-05-24
-Mimerskolan 2002-05-25
-Arenateatern 2002-10-20
-Bygdeå 2002-11-29
-Nordmaling 2002-11-30
-Mariakyrkan 2003-01-26
-Arenateatern 2003-04-10
-Oasen 2003-05-29
-Ålidhem 2003-06-01
-Arenateatern 2003-10-28
-Nordmaling 2003-11-29
-Hagagården 2003-12-14
-Ålidhem 2004-02-01
-Vårdvetarhuset 2004-03-30
-Prästsjögården 2004-05-08
-Vindeln 2004-05-11
-Ålidhem 2004-06-01
-Arenateatern 2004-10-17
-Arenateatern 2004-11-28
-Nordmaling 2004-11-30
-Tomtebo 2004-12-12
-Ålidhem 2005-01-30
-Arenateatern 2005-03-22
-Arenateatern 2005-05-03
-Vasakyrkan 2005-05-17
-Umedalen 2005-05-21
-Arenateatern 2005-10-14
-Vasakyrkan 2005-11-27
-Prästsjögården 2005-12-17
-Ålidhem 2006-01-15
-Umeå Universitet 2006-04-09
-Umeå Universitet 2006-05-17
-Umeå Universitet 2006-06-02
-Arenateatern 2006-10-14
-Arenateatern 2006-11-23
-Tegs sjukhem 2006-12-02
-Umeå Stads Kyrka 2007-01-14
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Program for the Concert at Arenateatern, Umeå University April 10, 2003

Conductor Örjan Larsson

Songtitle Melody Lyrics Arrangements Language Time Voices Choir size MP3
Kom Monika Åslund . Monika Åslund Swedish 1:52 SATB Full choir stim
Masurka Trad. Geirr Lystrup Andrew Smith Swedish 1:26 SATB Full choir MP3
Lullaby of Itsuki Kiyoshige Koyama Kiyoshige Koyama Kiyoshige Koyama Japanish 1:52 SATB Full choir stim
Smedsvisan trad. Uppland trad. Uppland + Anders Nyberg Anders Nyberg Swedish 2:33 SATB Ensemble stim
Spela Tjonguri trad. Georgien trad. Georgien trad. Georgien . 1:34 . Ensemble MP3
Il est bel et bon Pierre Passereau Pierre Passereau Pierre Passereau French 1:13 SATB Full choir MP3
Trinken canon Oswald von Wolkenstein Oswald von Wolkenstein . German 1:36 SATB Full choir MP3
Tourdion anon French anon French anon French French 1:45 SATB Full choir MP3
Strewberry fields Lennon McCartney Lennon McCartney Peder Carlsson English 3:03 SATB Ensemble stim
Kråkbegravningen Georg Wadenius . Gunnar A-Fisk Swedish 1:51 . Ensemble stim
Styrman Karlsson Hans Alfredsson Hans Alfredsson Anders Edenroth Swedish 2:46 . Ensemble stim
Snabbt jagar stormen våra år Sven-Erik Johansson Erik Axel Karlfeldt.. Sven-Erik Johansson Swedish 2:37 . Full choir stim
Annum Novum Signé Tonér Signé Tonér Signé Tonér Latin 2:37 SATB Full choir MP3
Nya Världar Jerker Jansson Jerker Jansson Jerker Jansson Swedish 4:13 SATB Full choir stim
Rosa Amarela Heitor Villa Lobos . Heitor Villa Lobos Spanish 1:41 SATB Full choir MP3
Negro Bembon Electo Silva . Electo Silva Swedish 2:23 SATB Full choir MP3
Kom Monika Åslund . Monika Åslund Swedish 2:30 SATB Full choir stim

DDD live-recording (XY-stereo). Presentations and handclapping are removed except after the last ordinary song (Negro Bembon). Recorded with 16 bits (44.1kHz WAV) on a Sony MZ-R700 Mini-dics recorder. Microphone: Sony Stereo Electret ECM-MS 907. Gained to 100 per cent, and converted to MP3 with a Lame coder (128kbit/s, 44.1kHz, stereo, constant bit rate, highest quality). Conversion and editing: DELL Inspiron 8600 (PP02X) with Steinbergs Wavelab 4.0. Producer Örjan Larsson

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