About Snösvänget

Snösvänget and the dance group Baletten Sparketten is a student organisation at Umeå University. It is the University’s only student orchestra and has excited since 1990. We dress in the colours orange and green. Part of our look is our orange coat, that we pimp with medals and patches etc.

The orchestra is led by our conductor, whom we call “Kapsyl”. The orchestra includes flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and the comp section includes piano, guitar, bass and drums.

We rehearse every Wednesday at Folkuniversitetet (Nygatan 43, entrance from Döbelnsgatan) at 18:00–20:00. Here's a map!

The showdance group Sparketten rehearse on Sunday’s at the Hospital. They dress in skirts and pom-poms and dance on many songs.

We play a mixed repertoire of jazz standards, pop and rock. Our motto is to play “Fort och starkt”, “Fast and strong”.

Many exchange students have played with Snösvänget during their stay in Umeå. You are very welcome to join us, contact information you can find below!

Every year our orchestra has several concerts at campus or other gigs. We have rehearsal weekends and travel to different places, for example the national student orchestra festival in Linköping or Uppsala, and to Germany, during our two week long tour. But we also arrange parties and get-togethers. We are like a family!

Are you interested in booking us or joining us? Please contact us at snosvanget@gmail.com. If you have any questions or booking requests, please use the same mail.