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Umeå Akademiska Kör
(Umeå Akademic Choir)

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Exercise support
Rehersal of the song-repertoire can be more effective with:

  • MIDI-files (*.mid - see below) plays the different voices using synthetic instruments.
  • PDF-files (*.pdf - see below) displays the scores - which could be printed out for rehersal.
  • Noteworthy-files (*.nwc - see below) simultanously displays and plays the scores.
  • MP3-files (*.mp3 - see below) are sound recordings from earlier concerts by the chorus.

The files could preferably be played with the freewere van Bascos Karaoke Player . However, it only supports Windows PC.

Program properties:

  • Individually switch on/off any voice.
  • Play all voices equally strong.
  • Play any voice stronger than the other.
  • Play any voice weaker than the ohter.
  • Change the tempo between 25 and 200 per cent of tempo in a file.
  • Change the pitch from +-12 halftones from the pitch in a file.
  • Change startpoint within a song.
  • Start, stop and pause the player.
  • Save an opened file (i.e. from internet).

A simplier, but more adequate freeware MIDI-player is VocisMagis by Alexander Scheutzow.
It is Java-based, and thus, could run on Mac OS X as well as Windows PC.

Program properties:
  • The sound volume of your own selected midi-channel could be continously balanced v.s. the other channels .
  • You sing from printed scores with bar numbers. Navigation relies on bar numbers.
  • A start bar could be set.
  • If adding a stop bar, a loop is possible.
  • The playback could be paused anywhere - with display of bar number and fraction of the bar
  • Tempo could be set between 10 and 200 per cent of the tempo in a file.
  • Pitch could be set set to +-12 halftones from the pitch in a file.
  • Fermat is possible - also mowing to next note of your own midi-channel
  • The instrument sound of your own selected midi-channel could be set

Scores as PDF-files
There are a lot of legal scores as PDF-files of older music - created non-commercially.
These files can be read and printed out with the freeware Adobe Reader

To open music-files in NoteWorthyComposer-format you need the freeware NoteWorthy Composer Viewer.
The program can also open MIDI-files and play them back with different speed and pitch. However, so far, the amplitude is the same for all channels/voices. If you have bought the music notation program NoteWorthy Composer, you can key notes, edit them, listen to them and print them (to paper or as PDF-files using i.e. PDFcreator).

These files can played with various players like Windows MediaPlayer or the freeware program RealPlayer.
In contrast to the relatively streotype sound from the MIDI-files, the MP3-files from earlier concerts better bring up musical expressssions.
For faster transfer at internet, the files are relatively compressed (128kbits/s). Despite that, it almost holds CD-quality (1408kbits/s).

Swedish promounciation
If you want to sing a swedish song, you can get some help with the swedish pronounciation rules.

Error corrections
A multiple-voice song may contain several thousand on notes, and some may be erroneously keyed.
Any detected and corrected error is filed under error corrections.
Check that you have corrected files (file date). Please send me a mail if you suspect errors.

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