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ACC's webmail project PUSS (ePost Umu Snabbt och Snyggt, which translates to Email Umu Quick and Good-looking) started in May 1998 when we found out that there was a big need amongst students and staff at Umeå University to be able to check their mail in a reasonably secure and simple way.

In the beginning all development was done in the programming language Perl with the intentions that the final thing would work as a CGI-script. Unfortunately (at the time) development stopped when the primary developers became too busy.

In July 1999 the project was resumed, this time based on the existing product IMHO as a starting point. To this we added functionality to handle several mailservers and domains plus some small features we were missing.

In 2012 the software was replaced with a slightly modified version of Roundcube.

For more information please visit puss.accum.se.