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During the course electric measurements fall 1997 three maniacs (Magnus Jonsson, Niklas Edmundsson och Tomas Ögren) to instead of writing a boring repport create something usefull.

The result was a temperature logger that talks rs232 with an old Sun (traktor2, now exchanged against vasa (old IBM RS/6000)). The whole thing is build of 2 A/D-converters, one Motorola HC11 and a lots of nonlinear resistors.

That solution was replaced with a system using Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire DS18S20 sensors connected to the serial port of a couple of computers.

Niklas and Tomas refined that system on the course 'Inbyggda System' and now all sensors are hooked up to a little thing called Mattith Data Collector which consists of an Atmel AVR8515, 32kB SRAM and battery backup. This setup will continue measuring the temperature up to about a day even if the computer or the power fails.

Sensor readings can be found on Mattith Website.