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This page contains information about the projects ACC has been involved in.
Free and Open Source Projects ACC mirrors and hosts services for various FOSS projects.
History The history of our association.
MATTITH Mattith is our homegrown system for temperature monitoring. Sort of.
PUSS PUSS is our webmail-project aimed at all students and staff at our University.
DUMII Our local MUD (actually, one of them...).
BRUM During the softball tournaments of 1994 and 1995 we managed the online database BRUM with great success.
AD We have had an Infobar® service during the AD-days at Ume? University 1995-1997.
Datorhandboken In cooperation with the Institution of Computer Science TSDF made the Computer Handbook.
Gtk+Licq A GTK+ gui plugin for the UNIX ICQ clone Licq.

If you, as an ACC-member, have a project that you want to do or you want us to do don't hesitate to drop a mail to: projekt.