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A big thanks to all of our sponsors! Where would we have been without you? Also much thanks to those individuals who have contributed in various ways. Below you will find some short descriptions of what our sponsors have given to us and links to those who have homepages of their own.

Umeå University Umeå university has granted us our premises including power and cooling systems and the internet connection.
Latest donation: Now
High Performance Computer Center North HPC2N has contributed with assorted used servers, such as Dell, HP/HPE ProLiant, SuperMicro and IBM pSeries.
Latest donation: May 2022
Department of Computing Science The Department of Computing Science has contributed lots of computer equipment over the years, everything from cables and adapters to servers and workstations for the ACC computer lab and server room.
Latest donation: February 2022
Department of Social Work The Department of Social Work has donated used server hardware. Thank you!
Latest donation: September 2019
Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science UPPMAX has contributed with a couple of used IBM P520 pSeries servers.
Latest donation: February 2011
Ardendo - A Vizrt company Throughout the history of ACC Ardendo has supported us with numerous larger contributions which has enabled us to continue expand our horizons.
Latest donation: February 2008
Bergen Center for Computational Science Bergen Center for Computational Science has donated an IBM p690 (aka "Regatta") with 32 CPUs and 192GB RAM with additional spare parts and storage rack.
Latest donation: January 2008
PDC Center for Parallel Computers at KTH have donated numerous IBM SP systems through the years, the latest with 16 CPU SMP nodes, in addition to occasional machines and spare parts SPs with lots of memory and various useful RS/6000-equipment.
Latest donation: June 2007
Enskilda Securities Enskilda Securities has donated a Sun Enterprise 4500, a Sun Enterprise 250, a Sun Ultra 10, a Sun StorEdge tape library and some spare parts for various use.
Latest donation: March 2005
Tele2 Tele2 has donated two Sun Enterprise 3500 for use as login machines.
Latest donation: March 2005
Novell Novell has donated a SCSI disk for use in our CVS mirror.
Latest donation: July 2004
Lingvistik/Fonetik Lingqustics/Phonetics has donated ~10 Sun Ultra 1's.
Latest donation: March 2004
Trema Trema has donated 2 Sun Ultra1, 2 Sun Ultra2, 1 Sun Enterprise 250, a quad ppro HP machine, some Sun disk arrays, a large amount of disks, memory and cards for the computers.
Latest donation: February 2004
ACC Sektion Syd ACC Sektion Syd har donated for instance a quad network interface card to be used in one of the computers from Trema. They are responsible for many of the company donations.
Latest donation: July 2003
South Pole AB South Pole AB have donated the harddrives used in our anonymous ftp-server at ftp.accum.se and two SUN RSM2000 diskarrays used in our home directory server. They have also donated various parts used in our European Debian mirror master.
Latest donation: November 2002
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD donated two AMD Athlon MP 1800+ CPUs for use in our European Debian mirror master, responsible for distribution of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution to all mirrors in Europe.
Latest donation: November 2002
Ericsson-Erisoft Ericsson-Erisoft has given us quite a few colour and greyscale screens, harddrives and some other equipment.
They have also donated some old laser-printers, a large amount of SUN SS4 workstations with monitors and a SUN Ultra 1.
Latest donation: September 2002
Eterra Eterra has donated an IBM RS/6000 J30, which have made a fine addition to our serverpark. They have also donated a large amount of SUN SS4 workstations with 19" monitors and a SUN SSA.
Latest donation: June 2002
VRlab VRlab has lent us a Silicon Graphics Octane until further notice.
Latest donation: February 2002
IT-Center IT-Center has given us assorted used network equipment and hardware.
Latest donation: August 2001
Partek Forest AB Partek Forest AB has donated a couple of IBM machines.
Latest donation: May 2000
CodeFactory CodeFactory has donated four 9GB Quantum Atlas disks for our FTP server (ftp.accum.se).
Latest donation: April 2001
IBM IBM Sweden have donated an IBM RS/6000 950, an IBM RS/6000 560, an IBM RS/6000 340 and some other IBM RS/6000-equipment. They also paid for the transportation of the SP from PDC.
Latest donation: April 2001
HP HP has donated four HP 712/80 for the PA-RISC/Linux Project.
Latest donation: March 2001
Sun Sun Microsystems AB has donated many computers to us, a number of SS1+, a 490/690, 670 and a SS330 and a couple of SS20's and also a couple of monitors amongst other things. The latest addition is a Sparc Storage Array 210 with ~280GB disk.
Until further notice we also have an Ultra Enterprise 2 with dual CPU's.
Latest donation: February 2000
Electrolux Electrolux has provided us with a couple of SUN-machines, 19" colour monitors and other useful SUN equipment.
Latest donation: September 1999
CelsiusTech CelsiusTech has given us four RS/6000 workstations with 24bit graphics and 19" colour-monitors.
Latest donation: March 1999
LUnarc LUNARC have given us an IBM RS/6000 530H, a bunch of 19-inch colour-monitors and a 23-inch dito.
Latest donation: June 1998
LITU LITU donated an SM61 CPU-module and a BigMac Ethernet (be) 100Mbit SBus Ethernet interface to our SUN servers.
Latest donation: February 1998
Ericsson Ericsson has donated some Sun servers and a lot of harddrives. They have also donated a lot of old Sun parts to keep our system running.
Latest donation: December 1997
Umeå Datakonsulter UDK has helped us to dig up some IBM-devices.
Latest donation: June 1997
Bofors AB Bofors AB donated a 2G harddrive.
Latest donation: April 1995
Department of Chemistry The Department of Chemistry has donated a computer.