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All students and employees at Umeå University are allowed to become members of ACC.

ACC also supplies group accounts for student organizations, see this page for more information.

  • You get a personal e-mail address that you choose yourself, ie. poohbear@acc.umu.se (max eight(8) characters). This will be your username on the system. Mail for your old e-mailaddress is easily forwarded to your new ACC-address (see the FAQ for more info).
  • You get a personal account with currently up to 64 GB quota.
  • Possibility to create your own homepage with access to CGI, PHP and PostgreSQL for dynamic pages.
  • You get access to our computer lab.
  • Print possibilities, both color and cheaper black&white printing. Currently 100 pages per semester and more can be added.
  • List of services provided by ACC.


You go to Samhällsvetarhuset level 1, S109.

Outside that computerlab there is a box with application forms on the wall (also available here as PostScript and as PDF-document). This form should be filled in and signed, note that it is double sided. On the form are the rules (in Swedish) that applies for the use of ACCs computers.

The form should be put in the mailbox that is at the same place as the forms (outside S109). If you are unable to put it there, send it by mail to:

ACC, Academic Computer Club
Umeå Universitet
901 87 Umeå

When your account is created you will recive a mail with the OCR-reference to use. If you somehow loose it, you can generate one on our information page for payment.

The cost is fifty (50) SEK/semester that are to be payed to BG: 5149-5331, but remember to wait until your account is created.