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WinSCP is a program for encrypted file transfer, and is capable of using the protocols scp and sftp. It works similar to its predecessor ftp, although both the authentification and the file transfering part is encrypted, so that evil doers cannot get hold of your password or your files while they are transmitted over the internet.

Check our link page for the homepage of WinSCP.

information om vart du kan ladda hem WinSCP.

When the application is downloaded, save it where you can find it easily. On the desktop, for instance.

Start the program by clickling its icon.


  1. Enter the server to which you want to connect in the field Host name
  2. Enter your username at ACC in the field User name
  3. If you want to save these settings, press the button "Save", and press "Ok." Next time you open WinSCP, the dialog will list your saved sessions.
  4. Press Login

At your first login to a certan server, a message similar to this will appear:

New key

All computers that uses the SSH-protocol has an uniqe identifyer, called an SSH-key (host key). This is a warning that says that WinSCP don't recognize the key that it recived from the server. It therefore asks if you want to save it for future reference. If you don't press Yes, the key will not be saved. If you press no, the connection will continue anyway, and if you press cancel, the connection will shut down.

It's recomended to press Yes.

You can also get this dialog other times, even though you have connected to this computer before. If you know that you've already saved the key, the server has probably sent your client an other key this time. The common reasons for this is:

If you are sure that it's the correct machine, select "Yes". If not, select "Cancel".

If the machine you are trying to connect to is one of ACC's servers, contact support if you are unsure.


Enter the password when the program asks for it.

When you are connected, you will get a dialog with two file views. The one on your left represents your local computer, and its files. The one on the right is the remote computer, or server.

The interface is pretty simple; you just navigate to the wanted folders in both file views. Then mark and drag the wanted file from the current location to the destination.


If you have any questions, try to check the help-pages. If you can't find the answer to your question there, try checking again before you contact support.