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Welcome to ACC in Umeå
* Information about ACC

Here you can read more about ACC, rules, members our sponsors and how to become a member and how to pay the membership fee.

* Current information about ACC

Current information about ACC and upcoming events we post on our mastodon account

* Help

Here you'll find help on how to use our machines, how to get help and support, how to create web-pages, a list of services provided by ACC and a local FAQ amongst other related items.

Information about the support that we provide to our members can also be found here.

* Members

Our members, those currently online and some information about the members of the board and our system administrators.

* Projects

Some of our projects, such as our webmail project PUSS, our associations history and the temperature measurement project MATTITH.

* Technical information

Here you find information of installed programs, our hardware. We also have some of the usage statistics of our computers, and their current status.

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