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 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote
1 Zao51317112171080337141354169770today"Rawr|Mac: Casey McHandMadeHero."
2 Gachuk41819377844212167123922today"Theres a dude in it that looks permanently panicked"
3 Washu401402133817132663127567yesterday"what if you're using unsigned long"
4 MaulingMonkey3696281260411035204941590652today"MM|Work is on the list seperately again"
5 Rawr3684231553968934426648970353 days ago"You also get to play terminate / murderous cut"
6 ra364279160596104907902681493 days ago"we had to design it from the ground up"
7 ace40163221861180309204638284738265 days ago"theme parks in florida give discounts to residents"
8 Promit3173951075365103329677129149yesterday"the FTC hasn't made a ruling"
9 Jovan3121451284488340730313699772 days ago"why don't you try to write one"
10 Sirisian27966013020911402730460yesterday"And ace thinks my ideas are insane."
11 Oluseyi271862628403829644283126443yesterday"Freedomâ„¢ is overrated :-P"
12 Roy_Fokker262854724649982889419yesterday"so are they like Jingoists?"
13 jpetrie25190793772213413856798227yesterday"And yes, GC's often do more than just releasing garbage."
14 AndrewBC251460789445849149171648542 days ago"they should make multi fonts"
15 MikeP235948822561659526579110518today"your programs cannot exist in a vacuum; they need OS support"
16 species2347686847624752601768136419 days ago"i dont like when dms add extra rules to restrict you"
17 ManTis216349126214971810828545725today"but death's shadow is beatdown card, not control"
18 PlacidBox2158627256275887593368077229 days ago"dunno how good the intel one is though"
19 KnightTemplar207259809615221571236today"Isn't that like... his job?"
20 Twiner18846652391102445532570506644 days ago"Washu: i could say the same to you"
21 Rotaerk18755368408454911492358731today"doesn't alcohol dehydrate you"
22 Matt_D18392835086441259411010607129 days ago"how is everyone doing tonight"
23 Shadowdancer1588764527265799086636904yesterday"I guess the Asp could do it in 3"
24 Sargon1551339233200154580280083yesterday"Sirisian|Work, As a programmer not as a user"
25 DeM0nFiRe15037658204295901595446628today"I definitely have cheaped out on life support so far"
26 joeh13518517356132075629248330today"But it didn't work out for various reasons"
27 wartech013367137979433042820024188today"plus after a succession you are pretty much screwd"
28 Mushu13102737885249481965448540147 days ago"in any case, this is a marginal improvement ergonomically"
29 mikeman12366826602106813803348352yesterday"see you in a couple of months, ED junkies :)"
30 bzroom11616038181507166750205136 days ago"and i set the object to .5, the text should now be .25"
31 benryves10890351597880322502yesterday"Roy_Fokker: Clearly you need to search for JScript instead"
32 ssebelius1068623063446731537256183today"I posted that here last night."
33 Vaayu91851184203570131479625199 days ago"970m and 1.71kgs is exactly what i am looking for"
34 Superpig802703156354361835824913151 days ago"it's just a big Lisp wannabe"
35 Phantom79885136815160391842186017 days ago"heh, man gaming has been down hill since that game..."
36 alamed736109747140412171628106331 days ago"though many people are also working with unity"
37 PaulZ677631873516222141331867313 days ago"I can live with that as an answer ;)"
38 penten6447298222000622807118371382 days ago"brainfart check: preg_split("/^$/", $string) should split $string"
39 Sinclair636131030523201252734834yesterday"hope this Edge browser is somewhat decent"
40 capn_midnight60375273318524936615154994 days ago"now you're just making shit up"
41 Blecki592484087456552428102913 days ago"He passed it to native code."
42 Sirisian|Work584757325844742703today"As in water + CO2 => something. forgot the equation."
43 uavfun537142424217540197199612764 days ago"PlacidBox: but having sex with a dealer is teh cure!"
44 April5201313138583879592507829 days ago" please make sure you don't have to put stuff on the C: drive"
45 Nev4955012897878582911957756 days ago"i always do, never have problems really"
46 nerd_boy48730158949454907114311166 days ago"You're clearly familiar with military, moreso than I thought."
47 Thevenin482161759199617322133422161 days ago"dja: "Target audience, my friend, target audience.""
48 gh33da472992912222082197214 days ago"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci56-IC0U2c"
49 DaBookshah45461108381753916391125 days ago"everyone's sorta rugged up"
50 josh4519513805218738843945 days ago"Morning Noon Evening Midnight?"
51 james42925912614640138985261149 days ago"So unless the string is returning an invalid size..."
52 BlackMoon427941046196149747129722903 days ago"Nothing but the LATEST is gonna properly support dx10"
53 mysty42789162925410745413633229 days ago"so the towers are abstract versions of people"
54 Aardwolf41280216628228129810092236 days ago"code_zombie you know anything about physics?"
55 Reelix39782571972741524611543690 days ago"Got that from the article - But thanks :D"
56 CountBleck386802836537891163536351 days ago"Sirisian, I didn't see anything after I mentioned 3d."
57 X-0ut3865834217667158301174018 days ago"probably go the crowd funding route first though"
58 sirob37705169222961156522152113 days ago"how are things on your front?"
59 InvalidPointer37649142252847329317284473 days ago"I had this shit working a long time ago"
60 code_zombie376171157411145342311475today"Eh, do that over the longterm."
61 scarecrow375944749968212220109431340 days ago"Are you going to pay the programmer?"
62 ibutsu37250894110841590611562yesterday"that was the impression the tv ads had given me"
63 shawn36844112061173369336972520 days ago"Mameshibaaaa! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjsZbnTNB8c#t=129"
64 dim3656969649781141315693594 days ago"it was painful but blender isn't that bad for a 26mb footprint"
65 Ameisen36522107501934032113221today"someday, mm will have consistent monitor sizes."
66 mido358517501113211155754721401 days ago"james, Flash can to generic TCP sockets"
67 Txp355692547173811658196262539 days ago"baw... trying to break your own code is boring"
68 Suigintou3538093571454761975279397 days ago"sparse voxel directed acyclic graphs with sub-graph instancing"
69 Associat0r35174916174958411101071127 days ago"AndrewBC: dyn types, never mind, ignore me"
70 Lorentz34351173681123434492300126 days ago"I have no idea what you guys are going on about"
71 SteelGolem343449258123690411480913 days ago"wikitables a-go-go! http://i.imgur.com/3KZICUJ.png"
72 EDI3338464068401403012108228 days ago"eh puzzle games are a dime a dozen; but aside from that"
73 RoastBeef3307211767145509925763195 days ago"none of this gifv shit plays for me"
74 Unicorn_Princess328011821542379598yesterday"Sirisian|Work: so what's ctrl+F5 then?"
75 Intellect32423326674271261891121442 days ago"I never completed the first one, thought it was great"
76 Tvista318792071133610261182111311 days ago"did you guys hear about the bundestrojaner from germany?"
77 EDI|Workin3180016308154922013 days ago"hey asshole, i'll vote the way i feel thanks"
78 Maushu3157013064127059641127227 days ago"I didn't turn the shaders my computer can't handle it."
79 kw3101616326107765207093668 days ago"but I don't think it's really a generational issue as such"
80 F_Madison30679118127281418674001211 days ago"jamie-lynn spears pre-baby"
81 JM30223207061793185558691361 days ago"They started making new ones."
82 hylix29978127231079260181583 days ago"ssebelius: we have 80+ project solutions"
83 deathtrap295598816812060896534499 days ago"Fuck shibe, and fuck your memes"
84 Rawr|Mac293068368202118321today"and still keep up mana for other things"
85 Palish28779102946586231695831138 days ago"No, I mean semantically valid. Valid by intention."
86 CobaltHex2870986381184320166212yesterday"also thats not for embedded"
87 EngrChris28166134613346217091892 days ago"The world has survived 2012, known as Windows 8."
88 Crank262656628527674316930yesterday"clb: ah, I got the Asus PB287Q"
89 Cade260463363107081190919 days ago"Trust me, you'd still feel miserable here :P"
90 clb2592822434462842310800yesterday"zao: yeah, I wonder what happens when I feed that to the printer"
91 billybob2578180241251916783560766 days ago"Well the pressure sensative stuff might be hard but . .idk"
92 Music_Composer256047747178571569 days ago"i prefer a rotary engine plane to be honest"
93 mage254258984467837618002511 days ago"So Washu. Encumberance is bad,, right?"
94 kake_fisk249715634770727711290yesterday"I have tried B twice now, but failed both times D:"
95 neveza24697675281743028674329 days ago"It's not for everyone, but I enjoy the heart warmnig stories"
96 Fruny24381440426642600147133 days ago"Oluseyi - unused leave days from last year."
97 Matt_D_2400226075723151192 days ago"although it seems like such a conveyer belt of tracks"
98 Sharlin233071569388994918358yesterday"pretty much your diagnosis is wrong"
99 basehead2326487797881214644583 days ago"my current instancing buffer is 1024 instances max"
100 Hypnotron2310767657389495939941401 days ago"did i ever tell you what the definition of insanity is mang?"
101 mahamoti23002941183045944693504 days ago"i think it was all written in visual basic"
102 xureias2284028244200599198252102 days ago"PlacidBox, I'm willing to take that risk."
103 gameprograma22754698600395666487313 days ago"Why are they still releasing more Paranormal Activity movies?"
104 chuckles221037904743369260741071 days ago"zao: one time i made an apple pie out of ritz crackers"
105 UltraLazer212456058379353676027222 days ago"some special dudes have a couple of overrides"
106 goodguy2113237831266123982290331 days ago"I've decided it's a non-spoiler"
107 snake5199532934218669487885759 days ago"if you have lots of similar "if/else" lines, it is more readable"
108 Meldon191615993498829705210490 days ago"benryves, how do you figure?"
109 StarbonesCoffin180341818700288522302 days ago"damn, ragdoll kung-fu is awesome."
110 UltraLazier178294513385544355026324 days ago"mikeman, it gets worse when you involve script functions"
111 fitfool17809971667374469101557 days ago"I know, but I don't feel like crying tonight."
112 QuantumP71759399203501833333921 days ago"Don't judge me. I haven't done this before. :-p"
113 rajkosto175903630363353414986today"Advokara, call them references"
114 Codah1720734066269468028522534 days ago"just want to chat about it is all"
115 hack158302261233241827055921 days ago""is a nice thing to do" - so what? perhaps I don't feel like it?"
116 kSquared1573586321266287229652798 days ago"lollerskates: http://www.nbc10.com/news/4513119/detail.html"
117 jfclavette155109554150140892096 days ago"Screw obscure franchises like *craft and Diablo"
118 zahlman1540954364184243233571080 days ago"people in the industry *are* pretty dumb though"
119 medice153651572343648925465856 days ago"atleast dungeon crawl works awesome with it"
120 Zymph1516116717510483211482940 days ago"WyattC: next obivious place is to contact the ISP"
121 Phoenix14547589431121534400718 days ago"heh, she's, to sound all dad-ism quite the young lady"
122 devon14185764200144336987839 days ago"yes, I was paid if that is what you are asking"
123 Bobanaut13903151146397487809 days ago"please validate that with proper quotes"
124 hothead138866186302096637142195 days ago"if you're getting laid, no. i I'M getting laid, sure"
125 Advokara138693202694922521466today"C++ pointers don't rearrange themselves in memory? do they?"
126 reltham138483790835315031685 days ago"34 people do that and one more gets in :)"
127 Gumpy13685404934103021320528 days ago"AndrewBC: did you use the manhole/telnet stuff at all?"
128 jimi_hendrix13562649431513845392 days ago"i found that a little surprising"
129 JohnHattan13539130243237911798 days ago"oh crap. The leprechaun is on fire. Back in a while."
130 Mau1338548981680191048971699 days ago"STO? It sucks. Move along."
131 FuzzYspo0N1338417322642447345371246 days ago"thats a usual employer contract"
132 Kiryn1332428804342330527972786 days ago"java templates are called generics"
133 barra1313031301678362546972382 days ago"ohh I see, didn't know about that"
134 Rycross130685280182271752491626 days ago"As with most things it depends."
135 darookie130463927971285052981854 days ago"I agree on the "way too much garbage"-part :)"
136 Julian128652217558647801846 days ago"they will always be non-members"
137 Asztal1273938911417278146501842 days ago"That's almost underweight."
138 Bk_Sn1261730874068310423582080 days ago"so that's how the words come to me first go, so I put them down"
139 Saruman12498970736454662461975 days ago"i asked if your name was michael"
140 Binary10124874044409842762072 days ago"your forum history is irrelevant here"
141 kiome123904912335739062219 days ago"I still have the original A320 package for Amiga..."
142 Sargon|Work1231636427910762585 days ago"I guess some state related thing"
143 gp|work12308238489449792502 days ago"For everything else, there's PuTTY."
144 AcidBurnz121267247140283426431587 days ago"special chars only include religious ones"
145 _kw120138149816155014981142 days ago"it's silly to assume otherwise"
146 KimmoA1201234932706259832152745 days ago"qF1N1TY: You didn't install it properly."
147 oz1192336264155196321792 days ago"that's like all the time wankery. I can't stand that stuff"
148 Nakor1186945895569481123010 days ago"nope, im the matt that comes he and disapears for a whole"
149 Deranged1184359391374124832821016 days ago"didn't he piss off the whole forums"
150 Slade11815553414966174168yesterday"now of course they have real money and murica needs it ;P"

These didn't make it to the top:
XilliaH (11742) kevtimc (11609) tct (11457) shawn-p (11165) Matt (10937)
wartech0_ (10859) bzroom|work (10805) notWtf (10799) mittens (10783) Xaein (10565)
ChJees (10500) NotAvailable (10450) trapdoor (10410) Mike|Work (10281) VBStrider (10217)
aequis (10185) programwizard (10055) skauert (10047) Mona (9935) RickT-W (9716)
dohtem (9697) Zol (9687) AnthonyG (9532) dja (9522) cw (9299)
woof (9257) DragonGeo2 (9040) xFFFF0000 (9027) Uhfgood (9022) Sowa (8914)

By the way, there were 34988 other nicks.

Big numbers
Is Alerek stupid or just asking too many questions? 45.5% lines contained a question!
Golgi didn't know that much either. 44.4% of his/her lines were questions.
The loudest one was Neb, who yelled 30.5% of the time!
Another old yeller was QuantumP7, who shouted 21.4% of the time!
It seems that KIngDarka's shift-key is hanging: 9.0% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <KingDarka> ZAOSKI

GIBson3^ just forgot to deactivate his/her Caps-Lock. He/She wrote UPPERCASE 8.6% of the time.
ManTis is a very aggressive person. He/She attacked others 496 times.
For example, like this:
     * mantis slaps Gachuk

PlacidBox can't control his/her aggressions, either. He/She picked on others 319 times.
Poor Gachuk, nobody likes him/her. He/She was attacked 158 times.
For example, like this:
     * Shadowdancer slaps Gachuk with a big tome of words

Rawr seems to be unliked too. He/She got beaten 156 times.
realhack brings happiness to the world. 37.7% lines contained smiling faces. :)
Kada isn't a sad person either, smiling 35.7% of the time.
Animeking seems to be sad at the moment: 15.1% lines contained sad faces. :(
SpeedyPizza is also a sad person, crying 10.1% of the time.
InvisibleMan wrote the longest lines, averaging 98.9 letters per line.
#gamedev average was 41.5 letters per line.
cpp wrote the shortest lines, averaging 13.1 characters per line.
Edso was tight-lipped, too, averaging 17.0 characters.
Zao spoke a total of 4298345 words!
Zao's faithful follower, Gachuk, didn't speak so much: 3143028 words.
rima wrote an average of 88.00 words per line.
Channel average was 7.63 words per line.

Other interesting numbers
MaulingMonkey wasn't very popular, getting kicked 305 times!
For example, like this:
     *** MM|Work was kicked by MikeP

Roy_Fokker seemed to be hated too: 267 kicks were received.
MaulingMonkey is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 2524 people!
MaulingMonkey's faithful follower, MikeP, kicked about 503 people.
April donated 175 ops in the channel...
Washu was also very polite: 30 ops from him/her.
Washu is the channel sheriff with 64 deops.
MaulingMonkey deoped 32 users.
Zao always lets us know what he/she's doing: 15275 actions!
For example, like this:
     * zao pokes MikeP and sees him jiggle deliciously

Also, MaulingMonkey tells us what's up with 13583 actions.
Washu talks to him/herself a lot. He/She wrote over 5 lines in a row 3867 times!
Another lonely one was Rawr, who managed to hit 2951 times.
Washu couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 9962 joins during this reporting period!
Psyslefeax has quite a potty mouth. 100.0% words were foul language.
Ulmnn also makes sailors blush, 100.0% of the time.

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