One method, if fishing from coast !

Lekande = swivel
Plastslang = plastic tube, will avoid tangle
Sportfiske = (a Swedish fishing magazine)

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Yes, this method is also good for Grayling from coast!

    Ambassadeur Classic 5500 C3 or equal is suitable for "dupp-fishing"
    You need at least a 9ft rod.
    I prefer Berkley´s FireLine Dyneema. 0.17mm / 10kg / 0.007 in / 22 lbs
    I prefer Mustad 3582 Double / size 12 (or even the very small one, size 14). Now also 80525 BL
    Here you have houndreds of solutions! You can use cheap coloured Cock or Duck feathers ; red, yellow, green or black (black might be the best colour). In Easter-time there is twigs decorated with coloured feathers, use them (if your mother or wife allow you)! The black feather is found in Nature, magpies drop them almost everywhere. (Of course there is also more expensive alternatives in the shops ;-)
    Take the fly home very very slowly !
    If you use this type of fly take it home periodical so it moves up an down in the water