Welcome to the Fly Crochet Page !

This page is devoted to Torill Kolbu , World Champion in tying flies.

First you need to complete your Fly Tying Box with a crochet hook (not so common equipment now a days). Probably you will find one in your mothers workbox or in a Haberdasher´s Shop. You can also make a "crochet hook" of a steelwire or similar.

For me it is impossible to describe how to make a fly the crochet way and instead of an incomprehensible directions for use please have a look at these small images showing the technique and the final result !

It is not as complicated as it seems.

Finally - I am not joking - take your time and visit your nearest Haberdashery. You will be amazed by the amount of useful fly-tying material you can find there ... and to very low prices !

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