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The Culture Apostle David Curle has since 1995 built up and maintained the gorgeous site kulturCHOCK!. For several reasons he has decided .... as to say enough is enough. But I thought it was a shame that such a cultural achievement should be concealed and not be reached by the mankind. Therefore, below it is as it was .... but without pictures and other showy decoration ... just plain grey and black.

REMARK: The pages will not be updated and the external links could be obsolete, changed or unreachable. Thus, no meaning to write to David or me for submissions.

View the kulturCHOCK!-pages as a fabulous Historical Document !

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Lennart Widmark

PS. Please visit also David Curle at (descendant of Swedish Kings: Gustaf Vasa, 1496-1560, and Erik XIV, 1533-1577).

PPS. Yes, I have permission from David Curle to host the former kulturCHOCK!


kulturCHOCK! is an electronic newsletter devoted to the Swede or American with one foot in the old country, one foot in the new. We help students, guest workers, and expatriate wives, husbands, and sambos understand, adjust to, and appreciate the oddities of their second home.

Our goal: to unlock the day-to-day secrets of the two countries. Not art, culture, traditions, scenery, but rather the important topics, such as: Where can you get Kalles Kaviar in California? Why is American cheese orange? Should I or should I not take off my shoes at this party? Brännboll: the Swedish sport that's like softball, but without any rules.

KulturChock är en humoristisk tidskrift som bara finns på Internet. Målgruppen är utvandrade svenskar och amerikaner med en fot i varje land. Här kan utbytesstudenter, gästarbetare och medflyttade makar få hjälp att anpassa sig och uppskatta det nya landet. Tidskriften görs i Minneapolis. Den innehåller bl a en databas över svenska företeelser i Nordamerika, t ex svenska restauranger, bokhandlar med svenska böcker och mycket mer. Databasen besvarar frågor som: var kan jag få tag i Kalles Kaviar i Kalifornien? Tidskriften har rönt stor uppskattning bland svenskättade amerikaner, som säger sig bättre förstå sitt ursprung.

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