A large Teekay Rainbow


Design Torill Kolbu: Teekay Rainbow
Hook:80525 BL   (Very informative link !)
Tag:Fine oval silver tinsel. 1 section of fluorscent red and one green Highlander Antronyarn crocheted.
Tail:Golden pheasant crest
Butt:Black ostrich herl
Body:1 section white AW1 and 1 section black AW12 Antronyarn crocheted.
Hackle:Small bunches of dyed fox hair. From rear : Yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, fluorscent green, green Highlander black.
Wing:Small bunches of dyed fox hair. From rear : (see Hackle)
Topping:Golden pheasant crest
Head:Black tying thread, small

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