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New Features and Changes


  • All files have been styled up to look better
  • The protocols have been given the prefix 'P/' and the ML-files the prefix 'K/' ('K' as in Kernel)
  • All 'C/', 'K/' and 'P/'-files have versions-numbers attached to them, to simplify updates
  • There are now 4 different sprite-cursors to choose from, named 'SPRITE_x', where x is a number between 1 to 4
  • The 'CONFIGURE'-file has been cleaned up


  • The application-file has been made a lot shorter (a lot of unnecessary code has been removed)
  • If you choose to have "Separate ASCII-menus", the file 'APP/A' will be loaded instead of 'APP' if an ASCII user applies for an account
  • Support for more Modem-speeds has been added
  • The prompts in the file 'TEXT' which only were used in the 'C/APP_MOD'-file has been incorporated in the code instead, to free memory


  • The Global Search routine is now 100%
  • The Network-support has been removed (might be restored in later versions)
  • The Anonymous Posting option has been removed (might be restored in later versions)
  • The Libraries have been removed
  • The Prime-Time system has been removed
  • The support for UD-titlescreens has been removed
  • The support for modular U/D's, Remote-Area, Subs, and Terminal has been removed
  • The support for Modules has been removed
  • The Fastloader-support has been removed
  • The Call-back validation support has been removed
  • The Phone# completition has been made optional
  • Carrier-Drop Checking and One Post/Call Checking has been added as options
  • The Multi-Colour BBS-feature has been removed, at least temporarily (The ML-code that supports it is still left in the text-parser, though)
  • The Main-menu now uses Quick-Keys (One keypress for each option, and no need to press [RETURN])
  • A Toplist-viewer has been added
  • Some of the commands have been moved from the Main-menu or the Mail-menu to a special User-Parameter menu
  • '<' can now be used to go to the previous Sub
  • '+' and '-' can now be used to navigate in both the U/D's and the Subs
  • It is now possible to move directly from the Subs to the U/D's by writing '^' or 'UD' and to move directly from the U/D's to the Subs by writing '^' or 'SB'
  • A severe bug, which could corrupt the Protocols when sending a mail, has been fixed
  • Support for the SuperCPU has been added
  • Support for Auto-Posting Uploads has been added
  • There is now support for Auto-Logoff when Up- or Downloads have been completed
  • A Chat-request now offers the user to leave feedback if the Sysop is out
  • Chat-request is now available from the Subs and U/D-area too
  • The 'h' command in the main-menu has been removed (use '?' or [RETURN] instead)
  • Some small colour-bugs has been fixed
  • The text "-" has been replaced with "Nothing" as description if the user doesn't supply any information
  • An option to view the directory in the U/D-area with estimated Download-time instead of Upload-date has been added; toggle with '='
  • All files that are new to the user are now marked with a "v"-sign
  • The Join/Unjoin Sub feature has been removed
  • Pressing [RETURN] at Wait-screen will now take you remote-mode instead of log you onto the BBS
  • The "Show Disk-Status" option can now be toggled from the Wait-screen
  • The BBS now performs Garbage-collection every time it returns to the Wait-screen
  • Support for customised, two lines high, delimiter-lines has been added
  • Some of the initialisation has been moved from the BASIC to the ML to make start up quicker
  • The Macros have been renamed to Oneliners (as this is what they really are) and as a consequence, the files 'MACROS' and 'MLOG' have been renamed into respectively 'ONELINERS' and 'OLOG'
  • The "Insert System-disk" request has now been removed
  • All menus are now affected by the "Separate ASCII-screens"-option
  • An option has been added to turn all logging off, for people with EXTREME problems with disk-space. It is NOT recommended to use this feature, as you lose the opportunity of backtracking errors
  • Support for Military (24-Hour) time format has been added; now you can choose between the two in the 'C/BOOT'-file
  • A bug, which could cause the BBS to hang if no modem was connected, was fixed
  • The subs now supports 'Rx' with more than 4 digits.


  • The file-loader has been fixed to report errors when loading, and won't continue loading the next file before the one before is loaded in due order without bugs
  • 'C/BOOT' now gathers all data about the version#'s for the different System-files and writes them to the file 'VDATA', to simplify updates and bug tracking. Two lists are created; one for the Boot-disk and one for the System-disk. If those two are the same, the same files will be listed twice... (Sorry about that one, but I didn't bother to do a routine that checked such things out). This list is updated each time you reboot your BBS, regardless of if you have made any upgrades or not, to make sure no files are missed out. This file can also be useful to locate missing, old or misplaced files
  • The time-calculation bug has been fixed and the routine been heavily optimised
  • Support for entering time in Military (24-Hour) Format has been added for us Europeans who can not understand what's so funny about the 12 Hour AM/PM time-format
  • Before loading the main-BBS, the Boot-file now asks you to insert your System-disk
  • All configuration was moved to the separate program 'C/CONFIGURE'.
  • The Access-Group editor and the Prompt editor has both been removed - they were just a waste of space, as they were both totally worthless
  • The files 'ASCII_TAB' and 'P/PUNTER' are no longer loaded on boot-up, thus you need not have these files on your Boot-disk


  • All configuration was moved here from 'C/BOOT'
  • Config options for the new features that C*Base v3.3 adds were added, and the options for the removed features were removed
  • The # of variable screens has been limited to 8 instead of 9, to simplify a transition to an ML-routine


  • Converters for old format v3.x 'USERLOG' and 'STATS'-files have been added
  • Support for the new features in C*Base v3.3 has been added
  • Some unnecessary code has been removed
  • The manoeuvring in the menus has been simplified


  • A completely new Toplister-engine to C*Base
  • The BBS puts the modem on hook while updating the Toplister
  • Support for SuperCPU & 2MHz mode when called automatically
  • VERY fast sorting (Even though it's only a modified O(n2)-routine)
  • Support for approximately 600 users (If that isn't enough for you, I PROMISE to write a special routine to fix that)


  • The X-Modem1K protocol has been bug-fixed
  • All the protocols have been rewritten to communicate with the main-program via an interface page rather than via hard poking directly into the protocols
  • All protocols are now called from a jump-table in the beginning of the protocol rather than with jumps into the main-code

Kernel Files

  • The Dongle-protection has now been removed from the code
  • All the ML-files have been resourced into Assembler and rewritten HEAVILY to gain maximum speed
  • The MCI Header-command has been modified and enhanced with 2 new commands which modify the looks of the header-lines
  • The MCI-parser has been made much faster; commands often used has been given priority to those more less common, amongst them the '@'-commands were given top priority
  • The ANSI-routines have been made faster and improved a bit
  • The bug in the Message-Maker when undeleting, which caused one char from the old text to remain, has now been fixed
  • The Message-Maker has been made faster
  • The bug that caused the "Press Space" prompt to bug out when you paused the scrolling, has now been fixed
  • A bug that could occur occasionally when chatting, which disallowed some callers from using the [DELETE]-key, has now been fixed
  • The search-routine has been made much faster
  • The '.9'-thing has been removed from the Message Maker
  • The problem with unallowed chars in '£' MCI-commands has been fixed
  • Several important memory-addresses have been moved to the Zero-page to speed up the BBS
  • The File-copy/Delete Post routine has been massively boosted
  • The Directory routine has been made a little faster
  • The Prompt lookup routine has been made much faster
  • The Memory-copy routine has been made much faster
  • The interpreter for BASIC-extensions has been made a little faster
  • The jump-tables have been restructured
  • The NMI timing-tables has been moved from 'ML_2.O' to 'ML_0.O'
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