This is a close to complete alphabetic listing of songs (46) for which Bryan has writing credits, but hasn't recorded himself.

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SongWriters Act
All Sing TogetherJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
The Rovers
Another HeartacheJim Vallance/Bryan Adams/Rod Stewart/Randy WayneRod Stewart (1986)
Back To Paradise Jim Vallance
P. Girald
Bryan Adams
38 Specials (1987)
Back Where You StartedJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Tina Turner (1986)
Boys Nite OutJim Vallance/Bryan Adams/M. Storace/F.V. ArbKrokus (1984)
Can't Wait All NightBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Eric Kagna
Juice Newton (1984)
Elkie Brooks (1988)
Carola Swedish Version (1985)
Cover GirlBryan Adams
Lindsay Mitchell
Prism (1981)
DangerousJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Loverboy (1985)
Don't Count Me OutBryan Adams
W.K. McColl
G.F. Wanstall
Prism (1997)
Recorded in 1982.
Don't Let Him KnowJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Prism (1982)
Down On Your KneesBryan Adams
Paul Stanley
M. Jopp
Kiss (1982)
Drive All NightBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Dion (1989)
Edge Of A DreamBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Joe Cocker (1985)
Helen Hoffner (1993)
Feels Like ForeverBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Joe Cocker (1992)
GlitterBryan Adams
Nikki Sixx
S. Humphrey
Motley Crue (1997)
Good To Be BackJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Al Harlow
Prism (1988)
Hold Me Once Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Florence Warner (1981)
Hometown HeroBryan Adams
Paul Dean
T. Rhodes
Loverboy (1987)
It Should Have Been MeBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Neil Diamond (1986)
Carly Simon (1987)
It Won't Be YouBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
David Foster
Paul Hyde
Bob Rock
Paul Hyde and The Payolas (1985)
JumpJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Paul Dean
Mike Reno
Matthew Frenette
Loverboy (1981)
Let Me Down EasyBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Roger Daltrey (1985)
Lets Talk About LoveBryan Adams
J.J Goldman
E. Kennedy
Celine Dion (1997)
Nature Of The BeastJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
The Law (1991)
Never Get To HeavenLisa Dal Bello
Bryan Adams
Yolanda Dal Bello
Lisa Dal Bello (1981)
No Way To Treat A LadyJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Elisabeth Andreasson (1988)
Lisa Bade (1982)
Lousie Mandrell
Bonnie Raitt
Bonnie Tyler
Open Soul SurgeryJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Hillary Knight
April Wine (1984)
Play To WinBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Fast Forward (1984)
Prove ItBryan Adams
R J Lange
Stevie Vann (1995)
Rough TownJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Johnny Hallyday (1984)
She Wants To KnowBryan Adams
Lisa Dal Bello
Lisa Dal Bello (1981)
StayJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Peter Pringle
Prism (1981)
Take It Or Leave ItJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Prism (1979)
Teacher TeacherJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
38 Specials (1985)
Tears Are Not EnoughDavid Foster
Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Rachel Paiement (french lyrics)
Northern Lights (1985)
Tout Pour Te DeplaireJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Kent Cokenstock
Johnny Hallyday (1994)
War MachineJim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Gene Simmons
Kiss (1982)
Rock'N'Roll HellBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Gene Simmons
Kiss (1982)
What It Would TakeBryan Adams
Gretchen Peters
Anne Murray (1996)
When The Night ComesBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Joe Cocker (1989)
Where Did The Time GoBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Fast Forward (1984)
(Where Do You) Draw The LineBryan Adams
Jim Vallance
Paul Dean
Fast Forward(1984)
Ted Nugent (1984)
Why Must We Wait Until TonightBryan Adams
R J Lange
Tina Turner (1994)
You Could Be Good For MeLisa Dal Bello
Bryan Adams
Lisa Dal Bello (1981)
You Walked Away Again Bryan AdamsPrism (1979)
You Walked InBryan Adams
R J Lange
Lonestar (1996)

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