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NUCCC 2002

NUCCC 2002 was held 2002-04-12 to 2002-04-14 at Umeå University, Sweden, by Academic Computer Club.

NUCCC 2002 is over

A summary of the seminars with some links to slides and additional information.

What is the Nordic University Computer Club Conference?

Nordic University Computer Club Conference, or NUCCC for short, is an annual gathering of active people in the various University Computer Clubs in the nordic countries. A brief history of previous NUCCC's is available at the NUCC(C) homepage.

NUCCC is meant to be a way for people of the various computer clubs to meet in real life, learn from each other, inspire new projects, discuss obscure topics (vi vs. emacs, GNU vs. BSD licence, for example) and to simply have fun! This is THE conference for people active in computer clubs, so we try to make the most of it :-)

What is Academic Computer Club?

Academic Computer Club, or ACC for short, is the computer club at Umeå University, Sweden. At the NUCC meeting last year, ACC was elected to host the 2002 edition of the conference.

Preliminary schedule

NUCCC 2002

People holding seminars:
Patrik Fältström (Cisco)
 - DNS
Hans Wallberg (Sunet, Umdac, Netnod, isoc-se, IT-kommissionen, II-stiftelsen...)
 - Internet and Internet infrastructure for the future
Christer Holgersson (Ardendo)
 - Extreme storage - the media archive at SVT
Fredrik Almgren (SmartTrust)
 - Breaking the Code Book Chipher

15:00 - Registration in Hörsal A
15:45 - Registration ends, speech by Torben and explanation of The Rules
16:30 - Bus to Kronlund leaves campus
18:00 - Dinner @Kronlund
20:00 - Mixed silly games starting every half hour (except 20:30)
20:30 - Key signing party in Lärosalen (same place as the silly games)
22:00 - Afternoon tea
Sauna warm from about 20, hot tubs from about 20-21.
Grillstuga with fire from about 22 (or whenever people poke us)

06:55 - Reveille (Yes, you are supposed to wake up now)
07:00 - Breakfast
09:00 - Bus to Umeå
10:15 - Walking (dumping of luggage in sleeping area)
10:30 - Seminar 1, Patrik Fältström (All seminars in Hörsal A)
11:45 - Lunch
13:15 - Seminar 2, Hans Wallberg
14:30 - Seminar 3, Christer Holgersson
15:45 - Eating cookies
16:30 - Seminar 4, Fredrik Almgren
18:00 - Walking (access to sleeping area/luggage)
19:00 - Overallsittning/Halarsitz/Haalarisitsit/[Norwegian equivalent]
Later - Partying
23:00 - Sleeping areas opens

06:55 - Reveille (Yes, you are supposed to wake up now)
07:00 - Breakfast (Additional showers available between 07-08)
08:45 - Walking (bring your luggage)
09:00 - NUCC meeting in Hörsal A
10:00 - The End

Who are attending?

Please have a peek at the list of participants.

How do I register?

Registration is closed, questions to 2002@nuccc.org

The fee for attending NUCCC 2002 is 300 SEK per person which is to be paid in cash (Swedish currency) upon registration.

The following is included in this price:
  • Food. Dinner on Friday and Saturday, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, lunch on Saturday.
  • Accomodation. The night between Friday and Saturday will be spent at Kronlund, the night between Saturday and Sunday will be spent in a lecture hall on campus.
  • Activities. Have a look at the schedule :)
  • Hardware. Each computer club attending can choose to recieve an SGI Indy, SGI 17" monitor and barebone SUN SS4.
    Adopt an Indy!
  • Softwear. Each attendant will recieve the NUCCC 2002 T-shirt (in your preferred size if you registered in time), and the NUCCC 2002 patch.

NOT included, bring yourselves:
  • Sleeping bags. At least one night will be spent in a lecture hall, so bring the necessary sleeping equipment.
  • Bed linen. There are ~70 beds available at Kronlund, and sleeping bags are NOT allowed in them! Those without bed linen will have to sleep on the floor in their sleeping bags.
  • There is a Overallsittning/Halarsitz/Haalarisitsit/[Norwegian equivalent] on Saturday evening, so bring your Overall/Halare/[Norwegian equivalent]!
  • Payment. Arrange for the representative of your computer club to pay the fee of all attendants of your association, preferably in even cash (SEK, Swedish Crowns).
  • Wavelan. There is a Wavelan network on campus. This can be used to connect your laptop etc. to ACC (using your association's temporary account) and thus reach the internet.
  • And don't forget your toothbrush, towel, etc.! :)

Beer and such will be available at reasonable student-oriented prices.

PGP/GPG key signing party

Amongst the social activities in Kronlund there will be a PGP key signing party. Information on how to submit your key is avaliable on this page.

How do I get to Umeå?

Please have a look at our Finding Umeå for Dummies-page :)

My question isn't answered here!

Bummer. Mail us att 2002@nuccc.org and we'll do our best to answer.

Our contact phone will be online from Friday until NUCCC 2002 is over.
The number is +46 73 0504802.

Thanks to:

We would like to thank Samuel Kvarnbrink for drawing the nice NUCCC logo.

And of course, our sponsors, without whom you wouldn't be able to attend this conference at the current student compatible price!


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