Markus Mårtensson


Very nice of you to drop by to one of the best sources of information about me, Markus Mårtensson. These pages are filled to the brim with self-congratulatory tidbits for your reading pleasure. In short, I am a Computer Science graduate with a decades worth of experience developing software, mainly for broadcasters. I live with my wife and two kids in Solna.

I currently work as Lead Software Architect at Mayam, a company that provides workflow solutions for the media industry. Check out my resumé below for a more details on my past positions.



I am going to share with you a few anecdotes which I hope you will enjoy. They should give some insight into events that defined me and hopefully trigger one or two chuckles.


Markus Mårtensson

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  • Phone +46730801043
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  • Passionate, creative and dedicated software developer.
  • Can understand, influence, and guide all stages of the development process.


Fluent in Swedish (native) and English. Understands Norwegian and Danish. Basic skills in German.

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Lead Software Architect

Mayam AB, Djursholm

– Present

  • Created task list frontend, including comprehensive configuration interface.
  • Created frameworks for modelling, mapping, storing, and searching metadata.
  • Created message queue abstraction with backup and playback support.
  • Created RESTful interface for the task list backend, complete with a convenient Java client. Also created SOAP endpoints.
  • Configuration management, testing, evaluations.
  • Integration with third party products such as Viz Media Engine and Fesad.

Lead Software Engineer

Vizrt Sweden / Ardendo AB, Kista

  • Leading role in the research and development of the Ardendo MAM system Ardome.
  • Created a subsystem for deferred execution based on application layer database triggers.
  • Created a subsystem for policy based scheduled execution.
  • Created a thesaurus subsystem, including metadata entry and serching.
  • Authored a database abstraction layer for Perl with object-relational mapping.
  • Created an annotation based RESTful Perl framework similar to the JAX-RS for Java.
  • Layed the foundation for the Viz Media Engine which replaces Ardome, playing a key role in research and development of technology and designing interfaces.

Systems Specialist

Ardendo AB, Danderyd

  • Research and development centered around the Ardendo flagship product, the MAM system Ardome.
  • Co-authored a web template engine and web application framework.
  • Created a workflow subsystem.
  • Created a search framework with pluggable search engines.
  • Created a scalable distributed search engine based on Lucene.
  • Created a software package management system supporting dependencies and multiple cocurrent versions, including linked development trees..

Systems Engineer

HPC2N, Umeå University, Umeå

  • Maintenance and development of UNIX, Windows, and Virtual Reality systems.
  • Infrastructure change to Kerberos/LDAP/AFS, including development of sysadmin tools.
  • Swedens fastest computer at the time, a Linux cluster with 240 processors.

Thesis Worker / Security Consultant

Roaming Factory AB / Noblestar AB, Umeå

  • Thesis on Java object mapping, persistance, and demand paging.
  • Created a secure online file server involving TLS, PKI, and Smart Cards for GTC Security AB.

Systems Administrator

LITU, Umeå University, Umeå

  • Created a web application providing a single user administration interface for Solaris, Windows NT, and First Class.

Computer Technician

Eurocon AB, Örnsköldsvik

  • Internet connection evaluation and deployment.
  • Supporting a Microsoft Windows environment.

Computer Technician

Eurocon AB, Örnsköldsvik

  • Corporate intranet and internet presence.
  • Supporting a Microsoft Windows environment.

Computer Technician

MoDo Chemetics AB, Erkab Engineering, Örnsköldsvik

  • Development of document management system.
  • Technical support.


Msc Computer Science

Umeå University, Umeå

  • Majoring in Software Engineering.

Natural Sciences

Nolaskolan Upper Secondary School, Örnsköldsvik

  • Profiling in Computer Orientation.


  • (): Current Topics in Software Engineering: XML Query Languages. Umeå University, Department of Computer Science.
  • (): Java™ Object Mapping and Persistence with Demand Paging. Umeå University, Department of Computer Science. Master Thesis.
  • Niklas Edmundsson and and and Markus Mårtensson and Mats Nylén and Åke Sandgren and Mattias Wadenstein (): Design and evaluation of a TOP100 Linux Super Cluster system. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience.


Computer Clubs

(formerly TSDF), Umeå
  • Active member for many years, including two years as board member and four years as systems administrator.
(formerly TGEH), Örnsköldsvik
  • Active member for many years.


Personal and professional references are available upon request.