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The Artificial Bonnläppers United -
The Clan

Clan TABU @
Time for an update. I registered us with a couple of days ago. Check it out.

As most of us have migrated to QuakeII, maybe I should mention that the name standard is Name.TABU and nothing else.

Web Update
Removed the frames from the page. The reason is the same as the one given on the Mud-page. No two browsers show frames alike.

Clan TABU @
I registered us with today. We should be able to find ourselves there too in a couple of days.

Clan TABU @ Fragzone
I took it upon myself today to register our Clan at so in a short while we might be able to find ourselves staring back when be glance upon their pages.

Logo updated
Skitstövel has perfected his logo in the top frame. Another masterpiece can be found on the TabuMUD Homepage.

Homepage translated
In order to attract forreign visitors, I have translated the homepage into a more appropriate language. The red guy has some trouble with adapting to the new world order though.

Clan Tabu founded
All members of T.A.B.U can now consider themselves members of Clan T.A.B.U, this adds up to a total sum of approximately 50 clan members.

All members are required to download the following config file in order to establish a name convention for deathmatches around the net.

Additional configuration files including features like rocket jump and secondary weapon are available. Mail me.

Friday, 08-May-1998 11:35:40 CEST