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I was born on the 2:nd of november in 1997, a Sunday.

My mother is half Burma and half a tomcat

and my father is a Russian Blue.

I'm a real ragamuffin.

I'm a newcomer in the family, so I haven't had the possibility to learn
about the computer yet, but
Elsa is helping me.
She thinks she's going to train me, to determine things around here.
She's even a page called "How to train a ragamuffin". She means me!

But I know who's in charge at home. Look here!

Talking of Elsa, I suppose yo've seen how she brags of her tail at her home page.
I just say, look at mine!

NyhetI've got another name! Mom calls me "Bosse The Cauliflower Ear" One of my ears suddenly became swollen. The Vet called it "blood-ear", and afterwards my ear was wrinkly. Mom says I'm so cute!

I've won a Photo Contest again!

tand Help me to find my milk tooth

Mr. Frass's School


I'm going to school now! Now I've finished the last lesson.
Look what a great looking diploma I got when I graduated!

Mr. Frass passed to the bridge 6/29/98.


Pet Postcard

Pad away to Noisy Bosse's Pet Postcard Service, where you can send postcards with me on it (or Elsa or a rabbit or perhaps an icelandic horse?)



I love to sleep! That's the best thing I know to do, except being noisy of course!


My Rowdy Corner


Bosse's chewingBosse's chewing

Listen to me having goodies!
(Want to see my teeth when I chew? Click on one of the pikshurs.)


MunchI love these cream buns eaten during Lent!


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