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VII. Western Europe 1650-1760

VIIj. British Isles after 1730

Prince of wales

The Prince of Wales

The English ballad opera rose to popularity after the extraordinary success of The Beggar's Opera by John Gay in London in 1728. This piece broadly satirized the fashionable Italian opera; its music, like that of the early opera comique, consisted for the most part of popular tunes—ballads—with a few numbers parodied from familiar operatic airs. The immense popularity of ballad operas in the 1730s was one sign of a general reaction in England against foreign opera, that "exotic and irrational entertainment," as Dr Johnson called it—a reaction which had mong its consequences that of turning Handel from opera to oratorio in the latter part of his life. The most notable composer of English opera in the eighteenth century was Thomas Augustine Arne; many comic operas on sentimental or romantic subjects were produced by him and lesser composers throughout the century.

As far as church music was concerned, the overpowering influence of Handel operated to discourage originality, and the generally low level is relieved only by the works of a few composers such as Maurice Greene and Samuel Wesley. The latter half of the eighteenth century was not by any means a period of musical stagnation in England; there was an active concert life, and much intelligent appreciation of foreign musicians, notably Haydn, who wrote several of his most important symphonies for London audiences. A noted English composer of symphonies was William Boyce, whose symphonies are conservative in form, but fresh and engaging in their melodies and rhythms.

The Composers (and some others)

Name and link to Whent´s Bibliography Years Country # of PDF/Midi Discography MP3
Carl Friedrich Abel 1723-1787 Germany . Discography .
Michael Arne c.1740-1786 England . . .
Thomas Augustine Arne 1710-1778 England . Discography .
Charles Avison 1709-1770 England cpdl=1 Discography .
Gaetano Besozzi 1727-1794 Italy . . .
Isaac Blackwell fl.1663-87 England . . .
Capel Bond 1730-1790 England . . .
William Boyce 1711-1779 England cpdl=9 Discography .
Charles Burney 1726-1814 England . . .
Thomas Chilcot c.1700-1766 England . . .
William Crotch 1775-1847 England cpdl=2 . .
Thomas Alexander Erskine 1732-1781 Scottland . Discography .
Michael Christian Festing 1705-1752 England . . .
John Abraham Fisher 1744-1806? England . Discography .
John Forbes ?-1675 Scottland . . .
David Garrick 1717-1779 England . . .
Joseph Gibbs 1698-1788 England . Discography .
Maurice Greene 1696-1755 England cpdl=3 Discography .
Sir John Hawkins 1719-1789 England . . .
Philip Hayes 1738-1797 England . Discography .
John Hebden 1712-1765 England . . .
Pieter Hellendaal 1721-1799 Holland . Discography .
James Hook 1746-1827 England cpdl=1 . .
William Horsley 1774-1858 England . . .
William Jackson 1730-1803 England . . .
John Keeble c.1711-1786 England . . .
Thomas Linley, Jr. 1756-1778 England . Discography .
Thomas Linley, Sr. 1733-1795 England . . .
Ralph Roseingrave c.1695-1747 England . . .
Thomas Roseingrave 1688?-1766 England . . .
Giuseppe (Francesco Gaspare Melchiorre Baldassare) Sammartini 1695-1750 Italy . Discography .
John Christopher Smith 1712-1795 England . . .
John Stanley 1713-1786 England . . .
John Travers c.1703-1758 England . . .

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