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-What is music?
-What is folk music?
-My folksongs
-Early Vocal Music Map
--Gregorian chant
--Central Middle Ages
--Early Renaissance
--High Renaissance
---Netherlanders from des Prés
---At the Court of Maximilian I
---Evangelical Church Music
---Social Music In Italy
---Music for Organ and lute (HOASM)
---Palestrina and his School
---Renaissance Dance Music
---The German Lied
---The French Chanson
----Thoinot Arbeau
----Pierre Attaingnant
----Eustache de Caurroy
----Pierre Certon
----Guillaume Costeley
----Clement Janequin
----Pierre Manchicourt
----Pierre Passereau
----Pierre Sandrin
----Claude de Sermisy
---Lassus and Catholic Polyphony
---The Spanish Masters
---England Through 1635
---The Venetian Style
---Sacred Italian outside Venice/Rome
---Renaissance - Baroque
--The Italian Seicento (17th C)
--German Baroque Music (17th C)
--Western Europe 1650-1760
--The Italian Settecento (18th.C)
--The Works of J.S. Bach
--Georg Frederick Händel
--The German Preclassics (1700-1760)
-Sing la Renaissance.
-Early Music Examples
-Örjans folkmusik-exempel
-Arranging & Composing
-Renaissance musical learning
-Renaissance - moving emotions
-Early Music in Swedish Libraries
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Umeå Akademiska Kör

Early Vocal Music Map

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  • Research and text by Chris Whent at HOASM (Here on a Sunday Morning - WBAI 99.5 FM New York)
  • Composer Bibliography - links to Wikipedia and HOASM
  • Discography - lists of commercial musical recordings - links to HOASM
  • Vocal PDF-files (music scores) and MIDI-files - links to CPDL (Choral Public Domain Library)
  • Vocal MP3-recordings - public MP3-files at choir home-pages (and some password-protected files, PWD)

IV. The High Renaissance (16th Century)

IVi. The French Chanson.

Pierre Manchicourt, c.1510-1564

Biblography; Wikipedia: HOASM:



PWD=password protected
Songtitle Date Musicians Instruments Recording
Time MP3
Kyrie I from Missa Veni Sancte Spiritus . Yale Schola Cantorum . 2006 1:39 MP3
Ô cruaulté logée en grand beaulté . Ensemble Vocal Pythagore SSATB 15singer 2006 1:08 MP3

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